I was surprised to see two silent clocks in a row, but I’m more worried about Jack. He took President Hassan’s murder hard. His method of dealing: having sex with Renee. Minutes later, she was shot by a sniper and dead on the operating table. After everything he’s done to avert (unsuccessfully, at the moment) this crisis, he’s gotta snap, right?

Elsewhere, President Taylor isn’t happy to wheel President Logan in. Yes, he’s this slimy dude who made things complicated a few seasons back, and now he’s trying to get back on track by making the Russians agree with the peace treaty–the very treaty they’re trying to subvert. A part of me thinks President Logan’s serious with this, but considering his deep connections to Moscow, you can’t help but think he’s involved in all this, too. But hey, you don’t hatch two really evil plans in your lifetime, right?

To make up for all that stress, Chloe is interim head of CTU! I never thought I’d see the day.

24 has only seven hours left, and things aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. With President Logan back on the negotiating table, President Taylor will be deeply conflicted, perhaps overriding the fact that this was all Ethan’s suggestion. And as Jack heads to the CTU, he’s seeking revenge.

Who would’ve thought that his earlier detached involvement would lead to him not just having both feet in the pond, but all of him, drowning to get out? Maybe tonight’s the night when Jack really snaps.

24 returns tonight from 9pm on Fox.

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Henrik Batallones

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