Over the past week BuddyTV held a special contest to find the Ultimate Supernatural Fans, and now that the winners have been chosen, we asked for their thoughts on the 100th episode.  The general consensus is that it was one of the best episodes, due largely to the relationship between Sam and Dean and the faith Sam had in Dean.  There’s also a lot of sympathy for Castiel, a lot of happiness that Zachariah is dead and, for the first time this season, hope that things are finally looking good for the Winchesters.

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From MeghanJones:

“Wow. Where do I begin? Poor Cas; carving the sigil out of his chest, continuing to sacrifice himself for Dean. Before the episode even started I was convinced Dean was going to say “Yes,” but I’m glad he didn’t. Adam was a complete plot twist. I never saw that coming. I was kind of hoping it would randomly be Bela, but I guess not. And I’m also just very glad that Zachariah finally got wasted. What a loserface. Sam has such faith in his brother. I just find that amazing, seeing as Dean has just kind of given up on believing in Sam now, after all he’s done. That kind of faith, just looking up to your big brother – It’s sweet.

And as for Adam; hmm, I guess I don’t really care. I’m curious as to what happened to him, but I’m more worried for my best friend. What happened to poor Cas? At least he managed a good fight this time, instead of being all “oh dear, I got pinned to a wall again. Dean, help!” Misha has brought that up, how Castiel tends to get beat into a pulp every time. Overall, a brilliant episode.”

From mechile26:

“The 100th episode of Supernatural did not disappoint. God I wanted to hug and slap Dean at the same time, but I think his mojo is back. Sam was wonderful as the caring baby brother and I think that was what Dean needed. Let’s be honest, the last scene is what we fans have been waiting for. So kudos Supernatural this will be a hard episode to follow, but I’m going to enjoy watching you try.”

From clandestinsarah:

“The 100th episode of Supernatural definitely ranks among my favorite episodes of the entire show. I thought that it was a perfect turning point for Sam and Dean, especially since Dean changed his mind about saying “Yes” to Michael. This episode strongly reflected one of the main beliefs of the show: that family is stronger than anything. In Sam and Dean’s case, this is proven to be true time and time again. I loved how Dean was set upon saying “Yes” to Michael until the very end, when he realized that staying loyal to his little brother was far more important than any destiny that had been laid out for them. I loved seeing Dean finally get rid of Zachariah, and the wink he gave Sam that made it clear he had changed his mind! I also hope that they are able to find Castiel and Adam. I think that this episode probably renewed the faith of a lot of viewers about the final outcome of the season. “

From felly78:

“Yes! The Winchester brothers are back! Of course it took A LOT of major negative issues to deal with on this emotional rollercoaster, but through the ups and the downs this series has delivered the greatest one-liner I have ever heard “Before Micheal gets one piece of this sweet ass, he has to turn you into a piece of charcoal.” Here’s hoping Supernatural’s sweet ass stays alive for another 100 episodes!”

From MissWinchester67:

“Mindblowing. That is the word that comes to mind when I think of the 100th episode of the best show ever created, Supernatural. Dean’s pain and hurt throughout these last few episodes have been really tough to watch, but I was starting to get irritated with how irrational he was becoming. Him and Sam were Team Free Will all the way, then he started to sway towards saying “Yes” to Michael. Big no-no. Hearing Bobby’s speech about how he looks at that gun each morning was heartbreaking. And I love how Castiel really showed Dean how disappointed and upset he was with the way he was acting. That’s a side of Cas that we normally don’t get to see. It was so tearjerking to hear Dean say that he didn’t believe in Sam, but it was beautiful when Sam uncuffed his brother and told him that when push comes to shove, he knew he’d make the right decision. Adam being sacrificed was sad, but Zachariah is finally gone, and Dean finally has faith in Sam again. It’s them against the world, which is the way it should be.”

From BridaWhere:

“The 100th episode of Supernatural was epic! My favorite moments are:
1. A brave, decided and fearless Castiel fighting to help the boys;
2. Adam, the lost baby brother, finally got to know his older brothers;
3. Sam and Dean getting along in the end, when they were talking about what happened.

I also really hope to see more Adam with the boys; and, of course, Castiel. Castiel has to come back!”

From Anthony Rodriquez:

“I think this is the most positive episode of the season.  Dean seems to have regained his faith in his brother as Sam shows that he will always back up his brother with his total belief and faith in him regardless of what Dean saw while they were in heaven.”

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