One of the most out-of-nowhere random moments of 24’s sixth season was when Chloe O’Brian revealed that she was pregnant.  In a case of life imitating art, Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe O’Brian, announced today that she is pregnant.  It will be the first child for the 36-year-old actress and comedienne.  The father is Matthew Rolph, 27, a personal trainer and Rajskub’s live-in boyfriend.  The child is due at the end of the summer.

This news may strike some fear in the hearts of 24 fans who are still hoping for a resolution to the writers’ strike to happen soon enough that it might enable 24 to finish production on season 7 this Spring/Summer.  Since season 7 is said to take place three years after the events of season 6, Chloe isn’t going to still be pregnant.  Normally, the writers for 24 may write-in another pregnancy for Chloe into the plot, but they’ve already shot about seven episodes of  season 7 without Chloe being pregnant.  Also, if Rajskub is indeed pregnant when shooting starts up again, her mobility may be an issue.  I foresee  Chloe being more on the move in season 7.  The plot of 24‘s seventh season most likely involves Jack Bauer being a fugitive, or working covertly in direct opposition of the government.  This being the case, and knowing Chloe’s loyalties to Jack, it’d make sense that Chloe would be more on the move this season. 

But, that’s all assuming that 24 starts shooting the remainder of season 7 sometime in the next six months, which is far from a given.  The writers’ strike looks like it’s winding down, but we don’t know that for sure.  It could extend for a few more months, for all we know.  Once the strike ends, 24 is going to be put in a weird spot.  How do they want to proceed?  Should they take their time with the scripts and start filming again in the fall and get the season ready to air in January 2009?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: TVGuide
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Oscar Dahl

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