24: Redemption has definitely sparked some discussion and brought 24 back into the national consciousness.  Regardless of how you felt about 24: Redemption, making 24 relevant again was the film’s major goal, and it looks as if FOX succeeded.  Now, with season 7 less than two months away, we can begin to speculate away as to what we will be seeing when Jack Bauer returns to our television screens for good.  Today, a couple of random tidbits have floated onto the internet that I found mighty interesting, and they can likely be considered spoilers, though there’s nothing of the mind-blowing variety. 


First comes a bit of information from Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello.  In his mailbag today, Ausiello informs us that one of the major players from 24: Redemption will be killed sometime in the first four episodes of season 7.  It won’t be Jack.  It won’t be President Allison Taylor.  I can’t imagine it will be the President’s son.  It could be outgoing President Noah Daniels, but 24 has already gone that route before.  The best guess is General Juma, who we glimpsed in the preview for season 7.  He made it stateside but, now, it doesn’t look like he’s going to make it for very long.  Any other contenders I’m forgetting?

The second little nugget of information regards the bad guy’s motives this season.  In a brief chat with Zap2It’s Korbi, 24 executive producer Jon Cassar sheds some light on the new bad guy, saying “Well, basically what we’re doing is we’re playing with Blackwater and these military firms that provide the government with power. That is one of the characters on the show, part of being on the wrong side of the law, let’s say.”

I think he has to be talking about Jon Voight’s Jonas Hodges here.  He seems like a believable head of a Blackwater type organization.  Maybe he had been secretly helping out the government under the table for awhile and, when scrutiny got high, the government unceremoniously dropped him, and now he’s looking both to regain that power and exact revenge.  It’d be a new twist on the tired “angry terrorist” 24 antagonist.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: EW, Zap2it
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Oscar Dahl

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