2014 People’s Choice Awards: Most Memorable Moments

  • Jan 8, 2014
  • Buddy TV

The People’s Choice Awards brings together people in music, movies and television for one somewhat unfunny night, officially kicking off the awards season in a new year.

2014 People’s Choice Awards Winners >>>

It was a star-studded event, with Justin Timberlake, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy all accepting awards. Check out the top moments from the show.

Intro Skit of 2 Broke Girls

With Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings as hosts, the opening skit focused on them in their 2 Broke Girls characters waiting on people like Kaley Cuoco and Ian Somerhalder and taking their “orders” of whatever categories they were nominated in.

Most surprising guest was Christina Aguilera, who promised to take over their waitressing duties, and it ended with a funny scene of getting in Walter White’s car and speeding to Los Angeles.

Burgers and Flies Monologue 

Thank goodness they weren’t hosting the show as their characters, but that didn’t stop them from incorporating the show and their characters into the monologue. It led to Brad Paisley ordering from them a “cheeseburger and flies.” 

It led to a group of their lookalikes, in full 2 Broke Girls costume, serving burgers and fries to the audience. Was it real? 

The gem of the monologue was a Maggie Smith tramp stamp joke.

Nina and Ian Show Chemistry

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder’s acceptance speech for best chemistry will surely light the fire in the rumors that the two Vampire Diaries stars might be an item again. Ian even kissed her! Well, on the cheek. Their speech was a lighthearted rundown of the relationship of their characters — and them.

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But to get to the point of the acceptance speech, you have to sit through a dreadful intro by Malin Ackerman and Shemar Moore.

Thanking Their Peers

Sandra Bullock thanked her husband Sean Hayes (who had called her his wife while announcing the award for best movie actress). 

Justin Timberlake thanked Ellen for her cookies and gave a shoutout to his wife without saying her name (Jessica Biel, of course) and even had a piece of advice for all the men out there: Put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Ellen then gave a great joke about how she loves making people happy. She had once met an African-American woman who worked 80 hours to get by, and she loved coming home to watch Ellen’s show.

That woman was Oprah.

Beth Behrs Twerks

Who thinks of these things? Beth went into a medley of songs including “Wrecking Ball” and twerking to “Ice, Ice Baby.” 

Decent set of pipes (at least she took it seriously rather than being purposefully off key to be “funny”) but the whole bit was awkward.

Newbie Winners

Britney Spears and Sarah Michelle Gellar both won their first People’s Choice Award, despite having immense success about two decades ago.

Britney sounded a little drunk, while Sarah Michelle got the crowd roaring by thanking them publicly for the first time their support of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. How about a Buffy reunion TV movie?

Adam Sandler’s Fan Letter

In winning his fourth straight comedic actor award, Adam read a sweet, funny letter from a fan, obviously from a kid who’s still working on grammar skills. 

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It was signed Drew Barrymore. Barrymore, who’s pregnant, had to put up with fat jokes from both Ellen and Adam.

Jennifer Hudson Gets Emotional

The Oscar winner gave a stirring, emotional acceptance speech for winning the humanitarian award. She even brought up her sister to share the moment — and the mic.

They talked about making a difference, and really called on her fellow celebrities to help and contribute.

(Image courtesy of CBS)

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