The summer is the perfect time for an intense romantic fling. And who better to imagine a fling with than one of your favorite TV characters? Check out a few suggestions for single men and women from this season’s dramas. There is someone for everyone! Is your pick on the list? Which character would you want to have a summer fling with? Leave a comment with who you would want to sweep you off your feet this summer.

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#20 Kensi, NCIS: Los Angeles

She’s sexy, athletic, intelligent, and can kick ass. What’s not to love? She may not know how to surf, but she can fix any motor put in front of her. She’s afraid of commitment. That makes a summer fling perfect unless, of course, Deeks interferes. Then, watch out.

Kensi, NCIS: Los Angeles (2013)

#19 Deeks, NCIS: Los Angeles

Deeks is the master of repartee. He tries not to take himself too seriously, yet he’s disciplined and loyal. He gets called Shaggy sometimes, but it’s an adorable and sexy look.

Deeks, NCIS: Los Angeles (2013)

#18 Ruby, Once Upon a Time

Ruby is a rebellious flirt. She has wolf instincts, which would make her a unique summer fling. It could take a bit to get her out of her shell, but once she does it will be fun all the time.

Ruby, Once Upon a Time (2013)

#17 John, Person of Interest

John is a former Army Green Beret and CIA operative and looks incredible in a tux. He’s ready to protect those with him at all times. That dedicated focus could be a concern going into a summer fling, but it also makes him attractive. With a break in the numbers, perhaps his intensity would decrease a few notches, allowing him to relax. Dinner, drinks, and …

John, Person of Interest (2013)

#16 Felicity, Arrow

She’s smart but sexy. She has an adorable tendency to say inappropriately awkward things like, “It feels really good having you inside me. And by you, I mean your voice. And by me, I mean my ear. I’m going to stop talking right now.” She may hang out with incredibly hot men all day, but she’s single, and since she’s around that much testosterone, she’s got to be dying inside to have a fling.

Felicity, Arrow (2013)

#15 Harrison, Scandal

Harrison’s an extremely loyal man and Gladiator, but that doesn’t mean a summer fling is out of bounds. He’s a fixer and genuinely cares about people. He’s handsome, well-mannered, and knows how to treat a woman right. The fling would be slow and passionate rather than hot and heavy, but there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s Harrison, after all!

Harrison, Scandal (2013)

#14 Alex, Nikita

Alex is a billionaire heiress and can take down a man twice her side. What’s not to like? She’s getting over the loss of Sean, so a fling could be the answer to her romantic woes. World travels with no expense spared with a beautiful woman … sounds like an incredible summer fling.

Alex, Nikita (2013)

#13 Hook, Once Upon a Time

Hook’s a good choice for a bad-boy fling. He’s shown that he does have a bit of good in him but still has an edge. He’s charming in an indescribable way. And he has a hook for a hand. That’s a summer fling story to tell for decades.

Hook, Once Upon a Time (2013)

#12 Lemon, Hart of Dixie

Lemon used to be an uptight and annoying woman, but she’s broken out of her rigid ways and started to return to her former self. After all her romantic woes, she could use a fun summer fling. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend a summer in Bluebell with all the festivals and fun, especially with Lemon on your arm? Plenty of romantic gourmet picnics…

Lemon, Hart of Dixie (2013)

#11 Wade, Hart of Dixie

Wade poured his heart out to Zoe, and she responded by running off to New York for the summer. Wade and his incredible abs are ready to forget all about her this summer in Bluebell. He’s always at the ready with a six-pack of beer and a smile that will make your heart swoon. This new bar owner has a newfound confidence, which makes him even more sexy!

Wade, Hart of Dixie (2013)

#10 Ivy, Smash

Ivy’s gorgeous, an incredible singer and dancer. She’s had her share of relationships gone bad, so a summer fling is just what she needs. A romance full of serenades, laughter, and fun in New York.

Ivy, Smash (2013)

#9 Hank, Grimm

Hank is a laid-back kinda guy. His relationship/fling with Adalind shows that he’s a great guy, romantic, and fun to be around. He could use some love with all the craziness that he sees with Nick as his partner.

Hank, Grimm (2013)

#8 Nora, Revolution

Depending on the day, Nora seems to be all about Miles, but will his past with Rachel get in the way? A summer fling with could be the answer. She’s tough and a fighter. A fling with her would definitely be on the intense end of the spectrum.

Nora, Revolution (2013)

#7 Monroe, Revolution

Monroe is the epitome of a bad boy. At this point, it’s questionable whether he has a soul left or not. He did show a bit of heart after the death of his former sweetheart. He’d be a risky summer fling, but it would be a non-stop adventure. Though, loyalty would be a must, or the fling would end with a bullet in the head.

Monroe, Revolution (2013)

#6 Kalinda, The Good Wife

Kalinda is hot, sensual, passionate, and even a bit rough. She’s a lover and the queen of flings. A relationship is not her thing. With Kalinda, there won’t be picnics or travel, but a fling with her would be one to remember.

Kalinda, The Good Wife (2013)

#5 Cary, The Good Wife

Cary is a successful lawyer, but don’t hold that against him. He’s cute and really a sweet guy. He may be looking for true love, but a summer fling may be all he can commit to with his coup at work. Romantic dinners, walks along the Chicago River, and drinks at the local pub would be the makings of a decent fling.

Cary, The Good Wife (2013)

#4 Charlie, Supernatural

Charlie may be quirky, but that’s why she would be a fun fling. Her romantic encounter in the tent during the LARP event provided a bit of insight into what a fling would be like. Computers, gaming, and LARPing would be the makings of an adventurous fling.

Charlie, Supernatural (2013)

#3 Dean, Supernatural

Dean’s tall, handsome, and too charming for his own good. His life as a hunter doesn’t allow him to settle down, but a summer fling would do him some good. He’s more of a burger and beer guy than someone who would take you on a romantic picnic, but maybe if you’re lucky, he’ll serenade you with “Eye of the Tiger.”

Dean, Supernatural (2013)

#2 Rebekah, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals

Rebekah’s heading out on her own summer fling with Matt, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be home in time to have another. She craves companionship and acceptance. And a worldwide trip for the summer would be a good way to have a fling. Italy, anyone?

Rebekah, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals (2013)

#1 Klaus, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals

Klaus is another bad boy, but he oozes charm. He’s holding out for an epic romance with Caroline, so he’s available for a summer fling. He’s an artist who craves for someone to understand him. A summer fling in the party town of New Orleans with fine wine, food, and love wouldn’t be a bad way to spend time.

Klaus, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals (2013)

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