Single-serving sites are all the rage these days, and great TV shows never go out of style. Here are 15 sites that blend the internet trend with their love of television in all sorts of hilarious, awesome and unique ways. Enjoy. Don’t spoil your dinner.

Emotions with Jon Hamm: Jon Hamm’s face is the best face. Or, as this site that posts photos of the Mad Men star’s seemingly infinite range of emotions says, “One day Jon Hamm realized he is the best human in the universe in the Having a Face department. So he decided to bless us all by becoming an actor. Emotions with Jon Hamm is a celebration of his craft.”

Tom Haverfoods: Still adding more items to Tom’s special grocery list. Still funny.

Arrested Westeros:
Game of Thrones screencaps with Arrested Development captions. Put on a diaper before you wet yourself, super-nerd.

Paula Deen Riding Things: Still adding crazy Paula Deen and her flailing arms and legs to things. Still funny.

Dogs That Look Like Tom Haverford and Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson: Cute! And eerie

MacRecipes: Did you know you can use cooking oil and furniture stuffing to incubate eagle eggs? MacGyver knew, and that’s just one of his hundreds of hacks, tricks, and diversions compiled and cataloged by MacRecipes.

Slaughterhouse 90210: Thought-provoking literary quotes applied to modern-day TV shows. Brilliant. 

F*** Yeah Jersey Shore:
Experience the sheer ridiculousness of the Jersey Shore guidos in the best possible way. (Tiny, silent doses.)

Stupid Man Commercials: “Men are so stupid! They can’t do anything right!” – All the commercials on TV, apparently.

LOST Answers:
This guy will answer any haunting question you have about Lost, no problem. He’s a scientist, so clearly he knows what he’s talking about. 

Eye on Springfield: The Simpsons, over and over, forever. (A description of this website; also my answer to the question, “What is heaven?”)

Will Schuester on Glee is creepy. Need proof? Here’s your proof, naysayer.

The Office Screencaps:
A non-chronological, classic screencap/GIF site dedicated to everything The Office (U.S.). Is it the most quotable TV show in America’s history? I don’t know which institute decides such things, but they’re probably punching the numbers right now.

As Heard on TV: Funny quotes from TV shows new, old and in between. Fresh Prince! Golden Girls! Boy Meets World! Have fun saying, “No, this one is my favorite,” over and over and over until the words are just meaningless.

Have a favorite TV-inspired site, single-serving or otherwise? Down there is the place to share.

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Meghan Carlson

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