Actions have consequences, as Barry learns in The Flash season 3 premiere. “Flashpoint” leads to more than a few changes in his life — and the lives of those he knows — but just when he thinks that he may have fixed everything, he finds out that’s not the case.

Here are the things that changed because Barry changed the past in the season 3 premiere.

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There’s Another Flash to Protect the City

The Flash 301 Kid Flash.pngKid Flash deals with the Rival while Barry sort of just cheers him on.

Barry and Iris Went to Elementary School Together … and That’s It

He has to stage a meeting over a “dropped” wallet before stumbling over asking her out.

The CCPD Captain Is Mendez

Barry’s Parents Are Both Alive, and He Lives with Them

However, they wouldn’t be against him moving out.

Joe’s Passed out on His Couch Instead of at Work

The Flash 301 Joe.pngBarry has to make him presentable and speed him to the CCPD.

Joe Doesn’t Appreciate Barry Covering for Him

“Am I wearing a sign that says help me?” he asks, reminding the CSI that they’re not partners or friends and he doesn’t know him or his life.

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Joe and Iris Are Estranged

When Iris stops by to meet Barry for lunch, Joe doesn’t approve of her dating someone he works with, but she comments that she didn’t know he still worked there.

Kid Flash Is Wally

The Flash 301 Wally.pngHe got his powers when he was messing with the nitro formula to get the engine in his car faster, and he raced in a thunderstorm and was struck by lightning, leading to his own nine-month coma.

This “Team Flash” Is Just Wally and Iris

Their base of operations is nothing like STAR Labs.

STAR Labs Is Ramon Industries

This Cisco got rich off apps, and the only help he has provided is Wally’s suit. Otherwise, he wants to be kept out of it.

Caitlin Is a Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Not a Scientist

The Flash 301 Caitlin.pngWhether or not she was technically kidnapped by Barry, she does end up helping the others stop the Rival, with a little reprogramming from Cisco.

Even After Fixing the Timeline, However, Barry Finds out Things Are Different with Iris

She’s not at the West house, Wally “reminds” him when he asks about her. Joe and Iris don’t talk.

What did you think of the changes that resulted from Barry’s actions?

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