There have been so many side stories, random Easter eggs and evasive characters that have gone unexplained throughout 7 seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Because so much is constantly going on, we usually have to just excuse a lot of things and assume they’ll come back to explain it later. With so many mysteries left to unfold, we thought we’d help the PLL writers keep track by gathering up all the secrets we still desperately need answers to.

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 7 of Pretty Little Liars.

1. Who Killed Mrs. D?

PLL Jessica dies.gif Jessica’s death has been a mystery for way too long. When Charlotte revealed herself, we thought for sure it would answer everything. She took responsibility for pretty much all of it, but this was one thing she didn’t own up to. So who would have killed Mrs. D and why?

2. Who is Charlotte’s Dad?

PLL Charlotte messed up.gif We first found out that Mrs. D was Charlotte’s biological mother. Then in the season 6b finale, we found out that’s actually not true. She’s her aunt. New-to-the-scene Mary Drake is actually Charlotte’s mother. Mary admitted to the Liars that she was Charlotte’s biological mother and she was sent away by Jessica years ago, but she still hasn’t told us who Charlotte’s father was. Now that she’s also claiming motherhood to Spencer, we definitely need a list of her lovers ASAP.

3. Why Did Mrs. D Tell Alison CeCe (Charlotte) was Dressed as Her?

CeCe Drake clothing.gif It made sense in the moment. She was furious with Ali and told her how it felt to arrive at Radley thinking her daughter was there, only to find out it was her friend, CeCe Drake dressed as her. But after Charlotte told the Liars that Jessica knew all along who CeCe was, this doesn’t add up. Why even bring up CeCe to Ali? Or at least why even bring up that she was at Radley, knowing that this is the exact place she was hiding Charlotte from the world?

4. Who Killed Maya?

PLL Maya killed.gif Poor Maya. She died way back in basically the beginning of the show and her death is still a mystery. We’ve gone from culprit to culprit with her death and we seem to have landed on Nate, her stalker who also tried to kill Emily. This seems pretty cut and dry, but the conspirator inside us has us questioning. Don’t forget the “MAYA KNEW” acronym that Mona spoke. What was the point of that?

5. Are Wren and Elliot/Archer Related?

PLL-elliot-wren.gif The two British guys on the show have to be related, right? No, but really, there’s definitely reason to believe this is true. Wren has been a sketchball for quite some time and he sort of went off the radar out of nowhere. Archer’s connection is still pretty unresolved. He was allegedly in love with Charlotte, so he married Alison to get revenge on her for Charlotte’s death. But his relationship with Alison started while Charlotte was still alive, so that doesn’t make sense. With Wren’s relationship with Melissa getting called off yet again, there would be no reason for him to return unless he’s still connected. And as we already know, our favorite British doctor is returning to Rosewood. Perhaps these two doctors have been working together?

6. How Did Eddie Lamb Know Aria?

PLL Aria Knows Eddie.gif This was so weird. Granted, Aria was trying to be inconspicuous while she was in Radley, so it was just sort of jarring that someone might have recognized her. But when you stop and think about it, there’s no logical reason for Eddie to know who Aria is. They had never crossed paths before (that we had seen), yet he thought they had met before. Aria clearly knew more than she said here, but told him they didn’t know each other. We know Eddie gets close with his patients. Was Aria a patient at Radley once before? This connection was never explained.

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7. Who Wrote This Message in the Dollhouse?

PLL-Dollhouse-Message.jpg Who’s M? And who’s “he”? This didn’t make any sense. We saw this message in the bunker during the Liars’ captivity by Charlotte. But we didn’t really get who could have written it, who they were writing it about or why they were in fear for their life. The only other person in that bunker was Sara Harvey, so “M” wouldn’t be pointing towards her. Did Charlotte have someone else held captive down there? If that were the case, it would be “she” though, right? She had already transitioned to a woman when the bunker became a thing. The only “M” we know of is Mary Drake.

8. Why Was Melissa Helping Shana and Jenna?

PLL-Melissa-Shana-Jenna.gif Melissa is another sketchball. She always manages to squeeze herself into situations where it feels random for her to be, and then she manages to get out of explaining herself. Every damn time. Enough is enough, Melissa. What exactly has your involvement been in all of this? If it was really just about your boyfriends, then why would you have been working with Jenna? We could totally benefit from an entire episode devoted to Melissa’s story.

9. Who Was Wren Talking to About the “Problem”?

PLL-Wren has a problem.gif After Hanna told Wren that she had questions about CeCe, Wren seemed worried that maybe CeCe went to visit Mona. Except after Hanna left, we saw Wren calling someone to tell them that they had a problem. Who was he speaking to? CeCe/Charlotte? Uber A? Maybe even Archer? Were they playing the long-con? WE NEED TO KNOW YOUR DEAL, WREN.

10. What is That Problem?

PLL Wren Colors.gif Now, Wren could still have been worried about CeCe, so the problem could have been her. He may have been calling someone at Radley about the security issue he was just discussing with Hanna. But the fact that he waited to call after Hanna left leads us to believe the problem was Hanna. If he was working with CeCe (which there’s a lot of evidence to back up), he could have been calling her to let her know that Hanna was on to her. If not, we have no idea.

11. What’s the Deal with the Carissimi Group?

PLL Rhys.gif Why is everyone so desperate for control of the Carissimi Group? It wasn’t really explained very well in season 6, other than the fact that it’s worth a lot of money. But what a random thing to bring into the mix. It became so important that it was a bargaining tool for Archer and Mary, though Archer didn’t even seem to care about the money. What exactly does this group do, and is it tied in with Uber A?

12. Was Sara Harvey Part of the Uber A Plan?

PLL Sara Harvey Uber A.gif Sara Harvey was one of the weirdest characters brought on. She makes absolutely no sense, and questions circle her. What is with the gloves? Why is she obsessed with Charlotte? Why was she sticking around Rosewood after her death? What did she almost tell Emily, and why did she all of a sudden trust Emily again? Who killed her and why?

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Pretty Little Liars season 7 returns in April 2017.

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