Our fictional landscape is filled to the brim with superheroes and chiseled action stars. These gleaming guys and gals fight crime (and sometimes each other) in the name of justice and fun, but what our climate-confused world really needs is an environmental hero — preferably a good-looking one who knows his way around a fancy cravat, if that’s not too much to ask.

Well, Dracula has heard our planet’s cry. The NBC show dabbles in vampire lore and Victorian seduction, but at its heart, its the story of one severely misunderstood environmentalist. Not convinced? Let’s explore the evidence.

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1. He’s All About Renewable Energy

Who needs oil when Mr. Dracula (aka Alexander Grayson) wants to provide clean, renewable energy to every person in the world? Sure, his motives for bringing about such an energy revolution are suspect — something about ruining the lives of all his enemies and feasting on their blood, etc., etc. — but awesome environmentally savvy ends can justify gory means. Or at least they can in theory.

2. He’s Against Big Business

Our man Dracula has been against big business since before that was a term people were throwing around. In Victorian London, the baddest bunch of business dudes monopolizing the market were all a part of The Order of the Dragon. You don’t have to tell Dracula how terrible people like that are. He thinks they’re literally the worst thing ever.

3. He Has a “Good Guy” Wardrobe

Every real hero rocks a memorable ensemble or costume. Superman had his underwear-on-the-outside look and Batman had his shadowy cowl. Dracula would never be so garish, but he is into projecting heroic vibes through the use of well-tailored suits and sensible hats. The mustache is, admittedly, off-putting, but the whole ensemble exudes leading man vibes, which is important. 

4. He Supports the Underdog

Granted, he supports underdog Jonathan Harker because of the unassuming man’s relationship with the gorgeous Mina Murray, but that’s something. It shows that Dracula isn’t above reaching out to his fellow man — as long as the fellow man in question is connected to something (or someone) he really, really wants.

5. He Understands the Power of Spectacle

Look, all good superheroes are big show-offs, and we love them for it. Dracula wouldn’t be worthy of sexy environmental hero status unless he could embrace bold, ostentatious displays of wealth, power, and/or magnetism. He successfully pulled off all three at his London debut party with the use of his giant mansion and impressive light bulb show.

6. He’s Okay with a Few Obligatory Shirtless Scenes

Sorry, wannabe heroes, but this is a prerequisite. Dracula knows this, so he started off his show with a candle-lit bath (after that whole messy scene in the grave, of course.)

7. He Replaces Slow Science with Awesome Magic

Gah, science is the worst, right? A regular, ho-hum environmental hero might try to use research and data and innovation to rid the world of its problems, but Dracula can’t afford to wait around for that. He has people to kill, doppelgangers to find… Luckily, as a vampire, he’s privy to some nifty supernatural tricks. Would he care to apply them to his quest for free electricity for all? Of course he would! Just don’t tell the Order of the Dragon.

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