A comprehensive list of the 108 most important characters on Lost.

#108 Jack Shephard

The de facto leader of the survivors of Oceanic 815, Jack was a doctor with an emotionally distant and abusive father. He forged a relationship with Sarah, a patient he helped to walk again, and eventually married her. That relationship ended when she cheated on him with another man. When Jack’s father died in Australia, he flew there and on the way back, the plane crashed. On the Island, he took charge, leading everyone and setting up rules for survival. Some followed his scientific approach to life, but others preferred Locke’s spiritual nature. He was taken by the Others to perform an operation on Ben’s spine and when the freighter made contact, Jack was eager to leave. He made it off the Island, but his future was troubling as he was desperate to get back to the Island for some reason.

#107 Christian Shephard

Jack’s dad, he was an accomplished surgeon who liked to drink. His alcoholism led to him being fired, so he left to Australia to try and visit his daughter, Claire, who Jack didn’t know about. Christian died, but his casket was on the plane and he made frequent appearances as either a ghost or spirit. Jack and Claire both saw him on the Island, and Locke met him in Jacob’s cabin providing instructions from Jacob.

#106 Margo Shephard

Jack’s mom was the primary reason for Jack going to pick up his father’s body in Australia, guilting him into it. She did not attend her son’s wedding to Sarah, but she was very happy to see him when he returned with the Oceanic 6.

#105 Sarah Shephard

Jack’s eventual wife, she started as his patient, getting into a horrific car accident that meant she would never walk again. But Jack’s surgery helped her to walk, and they married. However, while Jack considered flirting with the daughter of another patient, Sarah also grew unhappy in their relationship, cheating on him with a mystery man. In the future, Jack sees Sarah again, only she’s pregnant.

#104 Sarah’s New Man

Though Jack suspected his father, Sarah never revealed the identity of the man she cheated on him with, nor do we know who the father of her baby is.

#103 Kate Austen

Kate was a troubled child whose step-father was physically abusive to her mother, so she set their house on fire, killing him. She later learned the man she thought was her step-father was actually her real father. From that moment, Kate stayed on the run from federal marshals until she was eventually captured in Australia, but the plane crashed on the way back to Los Angeles. On the Island, Kate tried to escape her past, hiding it from others. She developed feelings for Jack, but also flirted with Sawyer. Once Claire went missing, Kate took Aaron and left with him, and when the Oceanic 6 made it back, she pretended he was her son.

#102 Diane Janssen

Kate’s mom was the one who turned her in to the police because she still loved Wayne. After several years of her daughter being on the run, Kate finally returned when Diane was diagnosed with cancer, but Diane still hadn’t forgiven her daughter. Miraculously, Diane remained alive to see Kate return, and asked her if she could see her grandson. Kate refused.

#101 Sam Austen

Kate believed Sam was her father because he was married to Diane when Kate was born. He was a military man, serving with Kelvin Joe Inman and being one of the men to work with Sayid during Desert Storm. Kate visited him when she learned he wasn’t her biological father, but he said he still loved her and gave her a head start before doing his duty and contacting the authorities about her whereabouts.

#100 Wayne Janssen

Kate’s biological father, she thought he was her step-father and she didn’t like the way he physically abused her mom, so Kate blew up his house while he was still inside.

#99 Kevin Callis

Kate’s husband, she married him while she was posing as Monica in Miami. As much as she wanted to stay with him, it wasn’t possible, and to avoid an ugly situation, she drugged him and ran away before their honeymoon.

#98 Edward Mars

The U.S. federal marshal tasked with pursuing Kate, he repeatedly caught up with her, only to lose her again, until Australia. However, he was injured during the plane crash, giving Kate the chance to be free. He was severely hurt, so Sawyer tried to put him out of his misery, but failed, causing Jack to have to euthanize Mars instead.

#97 Claire Littleton

Born in Australia, she never knew her father was Christian Shephard, with whom her mother had an affair. When Claire discovered she was pregnant, she wanted to give it up for adoption, but a psychic told her not to do that. On the Island, Charlie took care of her and she gave birth and named her son Aaron. She became very protective of her son until one day she wandered off and never returned. The last time viewers saw her was in Jacob’s cabin talking to Locke, saying she was OK and that she was with Christian.

#96 Aaron Littleton

Aaron was born on the Island and many of the survivors feared the Others wanted to take him. However, he remained safe, and when Claire went away, Kate took Aaron and left the Island with him. Once off the Island, Kate pretended to be Aaron’s mother, something Jack resented. Jack got over this and eventually realized that Aaron was his nephew.

#95 Thomas, Aaron’s Father

Little is known about Thomas, Claire’s painter boyfriend who is Aaron’s biological father, However, in the home and offices of Charles Widmore, several of Thomas’ paintings can be seen on the walls.

#94 Richard Malkin

Malkin was a psychic Claire visited who warned that her baby was in danger and she had to raise him herself. When that failed, Malkin convinced her to give the baby to a good family in Los Angeles, giving her a ticket for Oceanic 815. Malkin also showed up with Mr. Eko when Malkin’s daughter Charlotte drowned and came back to life, which he thought was a miracle.

#93 Sayid Jarrah

A former member of the Iraqi National Guard, Sayid was trained as a torturer by the U.S. military. He did everything for the love of his childhood sweetheart, Nadia. On the Island, he use his skills in torture and electronics to try to establish contact with the outside world and extract information from the Others. He briefly had a relationship with Shannon and was one of the Oceanic 6 who made it off the Island. Once back home, he worked for Ben Linus as an assassin, killing people on a special list.

#92 Nadia Jazeem

The love of Sayid’s life, she got away from Iraq and eventually bought a house that was inspected by Locke. Once Sayid returned, they got back together and married. However, Nadia was later killed by an assassin for Charles Widmore named Ishmael Bakir.

#91 The Economist

The Economist was a mysterious character who Sayid attempted to contact and kill on behalf of Ben Linus. Sayid seduced his employee, Elsa, who was also an assassin who tried to kill Sayid, but was murdered instead. The Economist’s true identity was never revealed.

#90 Ilana

Off the Island, Ilana was an associate of Jacob’s who took Sayid into custody posing as a bounty hunter. She takes him on Ajira Flight 316 and is one of the survivors of the crash. She becomes one of the primary leaders of the survivors, taking charge and seeming to know a lot about the Island, and she knows Richard, showing him Locke’s body, proof that Locke is no longer himself.

#89 Hugo “Hurley” Reyes

Hurley was an overweight loser who one day won a huge lotto jackpot by playing the Numbers he got from a fellow patient at Santa Rosa Mental Hospital. However, the win brought nothing but bad luck, leading to Hurley being on Oceanic 815. He is honest, loyal, and very defensive about his mental state. He tried to date Libby, but she was killed by Michael before their relationship went anywhere. Once off the Island with the Oceanic 6, Hurley went back to Santa Rosa Mental Hospital.

#88 David Reyes

Hurley’s dad, David left the family when Hugo was a child, but returned after the lottery victory. David often tries to convince Hurley that he isn’t cursed and the Numbers don’t mean anything, though he usually fails.

#87 Carmen Reyes

Carmen is Hurley’s loving and deeply religious mother who is often the victim of his misfortune, whether she breaks her leg or her new mansion burns down.

#86 Lewis

A fellow patient at the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital in the future, Lewis is unique because one day he points a visitor out to Hurley, and the person he points to is Charlie, who is dead and, theoretically, a figment of Hurley’s imagination. It’s unclear whether this was a coincidence or if Lewis actually saw Charlie.

#85 Jin-Soo Kwon

Jin was the son of a fisherman who fell in love with the daughter of a rich and powerful man. He eventually went to work for Sun’s father, doing secretive and possibly illegal things to earn her father’s respect. Sun resented this, but Jin refused to quit. When they crashed, Jin was often jealous that Sun was flirting with Michael, but over the seasons, Jin learned to trust and respect his wife. When Sun revealed she was pregnant, Jin was thankful to learn he was the father. However, he was unable to make it to the helicopter and, presumably, he died in the freighter explosion.

#84 Sun-Hwa Kwon

The daughter of a rich and powerful man, Sun fell in love with Jin, despite him not being of her father’s pedigree. She grew to resent how much Jin worked for her father and the things he did, so she secretly learned English and planned to leave her husband. She also had an affair with her English tutor, Jae Lee. Before she could leave him, their plane crashed and during their time on the Island, the two grew closer after realizing they were all they had. Sun discovered she was pregnant and that the baby was conceived on the Island, making it Jin’s. She left the Island, but sadly Jin was left behind. Once back home, she gave birth to a baby girl named Ji Yeon, bought a majority share of her father’s company, and made contact with Charles Widmore because of their shared interest.

#83 Mr. Paik

The CEO of Paik Heavy Industries, Sun’s father is a powerful and ruthless man who is involved in unsavory business practices and possibly has ties to the mob. He is also well regarded in the business world, as Charles Widmore is aware of him.

#82 Jae Lee

Sun’s English tutor and secret lover, Lee was the respectable son of a hotel magnate. After Mr. Paik learned of the affair, he asked Jin to kill Lee, but Jin failed, only telling him to leave. Instead, Jae Lee committed suicide by jumping out of the building and crashing on Jin’s car.

#81 John Locke

Locke was born to an underage mother and his con man father, though he grew up in various foster homes. As a child, he drew pictures of the Black Smoke Monster and was visited by Richard Alpert, who gave him the Dalai Lama test to see which object belonged to him. As Locke grew up, he searched for meaning in his life, eventually tracking down his father, who tricked John into donating one of his kidneys. Locke’s dad pushed him out of a window, causing Locke to be confined to a wheelchair. After a visit from Matthew Abaddon, Locke went for an Australian walkabout and eventually found himself on Oceanic 815. On the Island, he regained use of his legs and devoted himself to understanding the mystical religious aspects of the Island. After many dreams and meeting Jacob in the cabin, Ben transferred control of the Others to him.

#80 Jill

Jill is a butcher who works for Ben in the real world off the Island. She stored John Locke’s body while it was waiting to be transferred. She is also in contact with two other mysterious people named Jeffrey and Gabriel.

#79 Anthony Cooper

Locke’s father, Cooper was also a con man who was responsible for the death of Sawyer’s parents. Richard Alpert brought Cooper, also known as the man from Tallahassee, to the Island so that Locke could kill him in a ritual. That didn’t work, but Locke did tie him up in the Black Rock and led Sawyer to him, and after learning that Cooper was the man who ruined his parents’ lives, Sawyer killed him.

#78 Emily Locke

Emily was 16-years-old when she gave birth to John. She gave him up because she couldn’t handle raising a child, though years later she contacted him as part of Anthony Cooper’s plan to get one of his kidneys. Emily was also locked up several times in the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital for schizophrenia.

#77 Helen

John Locke’s girlfriend, he met her in anger management classes after his father took his kidney. The two started a relationship, and though Locke intended to marry her, she could not deal with the fact that Locke couldn’t let go of his past and leave his father behind, so she left him.

#76 Randy Nations

Locke’s boss at the box company, Nations was also Hurley’s boss at Mr. Clucks. After winning the lottery, Hurley opened a new Mr. Clucks and hired Randy to work for him. In the future, Randy was also seen video taping Hurley’s car chase.

#75 James “Sawyer” Ford

Sawyer took his name from the con man who ruined his parents’ lives and led his father to kill his mother before killing himself. Sawyer vowed revenge and eventually got it when he killed Anthony Cooper on the Island. Sawyer became a con man who took advantage of many people over the years. On the Island, he routinely mocks others and only cares about himself. He frequently uses scams to get his own way or take control of the situation. He fell in love with Kate, but she was more into Jack. At the end of season 4, Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter to ensure Kate would make it back, but only after telling her to do something for him.

#74 Cassidy Phillips

One of the women Sawyer conned, she developed a relationship with him and thought they were working together, but he was setting her up for a long con. Later, when Sawyer was in prison, Cassidy visited him and told him they had a child together. She also met Kate during her pregnancy and helped her reconnect with her mother.

#73 Clementine Phillips

Clementine is the child of Cassidy Phillips and Sawyer. When Sawyer helps turn some money over to the government, he asks them to put his commission in an account for Clementine.

#72 Charlie Pace

A one-hit wonder rock star, Charlie was a drug addicted has-been when the plane crashed on the Island. He developed a relationship with Claire and he did his best to protect her, even killing Ethan. When the freighter arrived, Charlie swam to the underwater Looking Glass Station to get a communication from Penny informing him the freighter wasn’t her boat. In order to get the message, he had to stay in a room that was flooded by Mikhail, and Charlie drowned after relaying the message to Desmond.

#71 Boone Carlyle

Boone was one of the survivors who was eager to please his step-sister, who he was in love with. Boone also tried to show his value by tagging along with Locke, helping him discover the Hatch. He was in the drug smuggler’s plane when it fell off the cliff, resulting in Boone’s death.

#70 Shannon Rutherford

Shannon was a stuck-up child who resented her step-mother when her father died at the hospital Jack worked at. She often used her sexuality to get what she wanted, but on the Island, after Boone’s death, she seemed to develop true feelings for Sayid. The relationship was tragically cut short when she was accidentally shot by Ana Lucia in the jungle.

#69 Michael Dawson

A single father trying to reconnect with his son, Michael was able to leave the Island at the end of season 2 after trying to make his own raft. Once home, Michael regretted the decision to leave, trying to kill himself. However, he meets up with Mr., Friendly who tells him the Island won’t let him kill himself. Michael also sees visions of Libby and they convince him to work with Mr. Friendly to join the freighter expedition undercover. Michael does and sabotages the freighter, ultimately helping to rescue some of the survivors before dying in the freighter explosion.

#68 Walt Lloyd

Also known as “WAAAAAAAAAALT!!!”, he seems to have special psychic abilities, like communicating with animals. He frequently appears to other people with ominous messages or assistance, and he was taken by the Others because Jacob told Ben that he was special. When he and Michael left the Island, Walt was sent to live with his grandma.

#67 Ana Lucia Cortez

A former cop, Ana Lucia was one of the Tailies who took a leadership role. Before the Island, she was hired to drive Christian Shephard around in Australia. On the Island, she was ruthless and brutal, willing to do anything to keep her people safe. She accidentally killed Shannon and had a difficult time integrating with the rest of the survivors after that. In the end, she was shot and killed by Michael who was working for the Others to free Ben.

#66 Libby

Before landing on the Island as one of the Tailies, Libby was a therapist. She gave Desmond her dead husband’s boat and was briefly seen in the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital as a patient. On the Island, she struck up a friendship with Hurley and, before she could make her way to their first date, she was shot and killed by Michael right after he killed Ana Lucia.

#65 David, Libby’s Husband

Though he’s never been seen, David was Libby’s husband who enjoyed sailing, and his boat, the Elizabeth, was the one she gave to Desmond to race that eventually crashed on the Island. The circumstances of his death and whether it had anything to do with her institutionalization are unclear.

#64 Mr. Eko

A one-time drug lord, Mr. Eko found God after nearly being captured by the police. He crashed on the Island as one of the Tailies and said nothing for 50 days after killing one of the Others. He crafted his Jesus Stick, a massive tool for hitting with scripture etched into it, and he found the Bible in the Arrow Station that contained part of the Swan orientation video. On the Island, Mr. Eko discovered the plane and body of his brother and also developed a connection with the Black Smoke Monster, staring it down. In the end, it was that same Black Smoke Monster that killed him in season 3.

#63 Yemi

Yemi was Mr. Eko’s religious brother who was saved because Eko joined the drug dealers to keep his little brother safe. Eko tried to use Yemi’s Virgin Mary statues to smuggle drugs, but Yemi refused, and on the airstrip, Yemi was shot and dragged onto the plane while Eko stayed behind and posed as his brother. On the Island, Yemi’s body was discovered in the plane by Locke and Boone, and eventually Eko went to see it and set the plane on fire to pay tribute to Yemi.

#62 Paulo

One of the survivors, Paulo was a petty thief who worked with his lover, Nikki. He and Nikki were eventually buried alive after being paralyzed by a poisonous spider.

#61 Nikki Fernandez

A TV actress who starred on the hit show Expose, Nikki teamed with her lover Paulo to steal her boss’ diamonds. On the island, her greed led to her being paralyzed by a spider, mistaken for dead, and she and Paulo were buried alive.

#60 Bernard

A dentist, Bernard was one of the Tailies who survived the plane crash. He is always willing to try ways to get off the Island, though he eventually stopped after learning his wife Rose had no desire to leave.

#59 Rose

Bernard’s wife, Rose was terminally ill off the Island, but the Island’s curative properties have cured her, making her want to stay.

#58 Leslie Arzt

A high school science teacher, Arzt was one of the background survivors of the plane crash. He decided to be a part of the main group by accompanying them to the Black Rock to procure dynamite to blow open the Hatch, but he was blown up.

#57 Neil “Frogurt”

Another survivor of Oceanic 815, Neil is a popular background character who earned the nickname “Frogurt” because, back in the real world, he sold frozen yogurt. In a webisode, it’s revealed he engaged in a feud with Hurley to win over Libby’s affections.

#56 Scott Jackson

One half of the show’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Scott was frequently mistaken for Steve. He was killed by Ethan Rom, and even at and after his funeral, the other survivors weren’t sure whether it was Scott or Steve who died.

#55 Steve Jenkins

Steve is the counterpart to Scott and the two are often confused for one another, though Steve is the one who is still alive. Avoiding death for four seasons, Steve was last seen as one of the survivors on the Zodiac raft when the Island disappeared.

#54 Zach

Zach is a young boy who was one of the surviving Tailies. He and his sister Emma were taken by the Others, and thus far they are still presumably with the Others.

#53 Emma

Emma is a young girl who was one of the surviving Tailies. She and her brother Zach were taken by the Others and thus far they are still presumably with the Others.

#52 Cindy Chandler

One of the flight attendants on Oceanic 815, Cindy was with the Tailies, she was eventually taken by the Others and is still with them. She takes care of Zach and Emma. When Jack, Kate and Sawyer were taken by the Others, she told Jack that things weren’t simple and she was just there to watch.

#51 Gary Troup

Gary Troup was the Oceanic 815 survivor who was sucked into the engine on the first day of the crash. Before crashing, he was an author who had a relationship with flight attendant Cindy Chandler. He wrote the book Bad Twin, which featured references to many characters on the show. He also wrote The Valenzetti Equation, a book about the namesake mathematical formula that predicts the exact date of the end of the world.

#50 Charlotte Staples Lewis

Charlotte is a cultural anthropologist who was part of the team sent by Charles Widmore to the Island. On the day the fake wreckage of the flight was discovered, Charlotte was in Tunisia where the bones of a polar bear wearing a DHARMA collar were discovered.

#49 Daniel Faraday

Faraday is a physicist who was on Widmore’s team to go to the Island. He was a professor at Oxford where he studied time travel and met Desmond while there. He has a notebook full of details about time travel, including the information that Desmond is his constant, something that exists outside the shifting time that the person cares about or recognizes.

#48 Charlie Hume

The son of Desmond and Penny, he is conceived after their reconciliation when he escapes the Island with the Oceanic 6 and is born on a boat in the Philippines. Ben sees him when he’s about to kill Penny, which makes him hesitate long enough for Desmond to stop him. Though he shares the name of his grandpa, Charles Widmore, he is named after Charlie Pace.

#47 Miles Straume

Another member of Widmore’s team, Miles possesses the ability to communicate with the dead. He can hear dead people and sense when they are around and the circumstances of their death.

#46 Lara Chang

Pierre Chang’s wife and Miles’ mom, she was a member of DHARMA, but was evacuated with her son before the Incident. She then moved to California with Miles, never telling him about his father and the Island. She eventually passed away.

#45 Frank Lapidus

Lapidus is the helicopter pilot for Widmore’s team. He was originally supposed to be the pilot for Oceanic 815, but was replaced for unknown reasons.

#44 Matthew Abaddon

Abaddon was the mysterious man who organized Widmore’s team to go to the Island. Before this, he visited Locke during his rehabilitation and suggested going on a walkabout. After the Oceanic 6, Abaddon visited Hurley in the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital.

#43 Naomi Dorrit

Naomi was in charge of protecting the freighter’s science team on the Island. She was discovered with a photograph of Desmond and Penny, so the survivors assumed she was there to help. Charlie discovered it was not Penny’s boat, and when Naomi tried to contact the freighter, Locke threw a knife in the back to stop her. After her death, Sayid found her bracelet with the inscription, “N, I’ll always be with you. R.G.”

#42 Bram

Off the Island, Bram is working against Charles Widmore, kidnapping Miles and urging him not to join the team being sent to the Island.

#41 Caesar

A survivor of Ajira 316, Caesar took a leadership role on the Island, exploring the DHARMA Initiative buildings. Ben made Caesar suspicious of Locke, and when Caesar finally confronted Locke, Ben betrayed him and shot him.

#40 Martin Keamy

Keamy was the leader of the mercenary team sent to the Island to retrieve Ben. He led his team to kill Danielle and Karl and kidnap Alex. He used her as a hostage to get Ben to surrender, but when that failed, Keamy killed Alex. Finally, Keamy and Ben had a showdown in the Orchid Station where Keamy said that Charles Widmore would never stop. Then Keamy died, causing the device on his arm to detonate an explosion on the freighter.

#39 George Minkowski

The communications officer on the freighter, Minkowski became disoriented after attempting to go to the Island. He lost track of time and was eventually strapped to a table before dying.

#38 Charles Widmore

Widmore is a rich and powerful businessman who has a long-standing feud with Ben Linus. His connection to the Island is unclear, but he commissioned the freighter team to find it and falsified wreckage to make the world think Oceanic 815 had been discovered. Widmore also disapproves of his daughter’s relationship with Desmond.

#37 Penelope Widmore

Charles’ daughter, Penny is in love with Desmond and tried to be with him over her father’s objections. She never gave up hope and performed her own search for Desmond and the Island under her father’s radar.

#36 Desmond David Hume

Desmond was a Scottish man who fell in love with Penny before making it to the Island. To win Charles Widmore’s respect, Desmond entered a sailing race with a boat given to him by Libby. During that trip, he crashed on the Island and was recruited by Kelvin Joe Inman to work with him in the Swan Station, pushing the button every 108 minutes. He eventually learned about the survivors of Oceanic 815 and they helped until the button wasn’t pushed and the Hatch was destroyed. Then, Desmond gained the ability to see flashes of time, going back and forth on his own timeline. He was finally settled when Faraday revealed that Desmond could be centered by his constant, who is Penny. Desmond left the Island with the Oceanic 6 and they were rescued by Penny.

#35 Ms. Hawking

When Desmond became unstuck in time in “Flashes Before Your Eyes,” he met Ms. Hawking, the old woman who sold him his engagement ring for Penny. She knows everything about Desmond’s future and says that if he doesn’t do those things, everyone will die. Ms. Hawking can see when people will die and that those things cannot be changed, because the universe compensates.

#34 Brother Campbell

The head of the monastery that Desmond attends, Brother Campbell is special because, for some reason, there is a photograph on his desk of him with Ms. Hawking, though their relationship is never clarified.

#33 Kelvin Joe Inman

Inman was a soldier in the Gulf War, working with Kate’s stepfather Sam Austen and training Sayid to torture people. After the war, he joined DHARMA and was put to work in the Swan Station in the early 1990s. Ten years later, Desmond arrived on the Island and Inman enlisted him to help with the button. During this time, Inman tried to leave by fixing Desmond’s boat, but was discovered and accidentally killed by Desmond, resulting in the button not being pushed and Oceanic 815 crashing on the Island.

#32 Radzinsky

He drew the blast-door map and shot himself while living in the Swan Station with Kelvin Joe Inman. In season 5, it’s revealed Radzinsky was a part of DHARMA and the designer of the Swan Station.

#31 Phil

A member of DHARMA’s security team in the 1970s, Phil is a somewhat annoying lackey who is often distrustful of Sawyer. He eventually dies during the Incident at the site of the Swan station.

#30 Gerald and Karen DeGroot

In 1970, Karen, along with her husband Gerald, founded the DHARMA Initiative as an open center for scientists to research fields such as electromagnetism and zoology.

#29 Magnus Hanso

A shipping merchant from the 1800s, Magnus Hanso is the likely owner and captain of the Black Rock, the ship that crashed on the Island. According to Radzinsky’s blast door map, he is buried near the ship’s wreckage.

#28 Alvar Hanso

Magnus Hanso’s great-grandson, Alvar was the primary financier of the DHARMA Initiative. His main goal was to use science to alter the results of the Valenzetti Equation, which predicts the exact time of the end of the world. Alvar hoped to use the Island’s research to delay that end date for existence.

#27 Thomas Mittelwerk

Alvar’s second-in-command at the Hanso Foundation, Mittelwerk plotted a coup to take over the Foundation so he could use it for his own personal goal of testing a lethal virus and moving the company into more unsavory activities like organ harvesting.

#26 Pierre Chang

Also known as Dr. Marvin Candle, Mark Wickmund and Edgar Halliwax, Chang is the star of the DHARMA orientation videos. An astrophysicist, a video from this year’s Comic-Con revealed that Chang possessed knowledge about future events, from the presidency of George W. Bush to the eventual Purge on the Island.

#25 Danielle Rousseau

Danielle was a member of a six-person scientific research team that came to the Island in 1988. Eventually, she claimed the other members came down with a “sickness” and she was forced to kill them all. She survived for nearly 16 years on the Island, recording a distress message. She eventually reunited with her daughter Alex, who was taken from her as a baby. In season 4, she was killed by the mercenaries from the freighter.

#24 Alex Rousseau

Danielle’s daughter, she was born on the Island and taken by the Others when she was just one week old. Alex was raised as Ben Linus’ daughter. After learning the truth and reconnecting with her mother, she was kidnaped by the same men who killed her mother and used as bait for them to get Ben Linus. When Ben refused, Alex was killed by Martin Keamy.

#23 Robert, Alex’s Father

He was a member of Rousseau’s scientific research team. He was also her lover and possibly her husband, and he was presumably Alex’s biological father. When he came down with the “sickness,” Danielle killed him.

#22 Karl

Karl is one of the Others and Alex’s boyfriend. Ben disapproved of the relationship since he feared, if she got pregnant, she would die like all the other women on the Island. Before escaping with Alex, Karl was subjected to possible brainwashing with an odd subliminal video in Room 23. In the end, Karl was shot and killed by the freighter mercenaries alongside Danielle.

#21 Benjamin Linus

Ben Linus came to be on the Island when his parents joined the DHARMA Initiative. As a child, he befriended a girl named Annie, but Ben eventually betrayed everyone he knew by helping the Others stage the Purge that killed all the members of DHARMA. Ben became the leader of the Others and took control of the Island. When Oceanic 815 crashed, he had his people gather intel, eventually infiltrating them to kidnap Jack so he could remove a tumor on Ben’s spine. Linus also has an ongoing feud with Charles Widmore and is now working with the Oceanic 6 to bring them back to the Island.

#20 Amy

Amy lived on the Island working for DHARMA in the 1970s. She became pregnant while married to Horace Goodspeed and gave birth to Ethan Rom.

#19 Annie

Annie was a red-headed girl in the DHARMA Initiative who was Ben’s friend when they were kids. He seemed to develop a crush on her, but after the Purge, it’s unknown what happened to her.

#18 Roger Linus

Ben’s father, Roger was a “Work Man” for the DHARMA Initiative. Resenting his life, Roger turned to alcohol and blamed his son for his wife’s death during childbirth. Eventually, Roger was killed by his own son as part of the Purge.

#17 Emily Linus

Ben’s mother, Emily gave birth to Ben on the side of the road in Portland, Oregon. She died shortly after giving birth to her son, and her final words were that her son be named Benjamin.

#16 Horace Goodspeed

Horace and his wife were driving by when Ben was born and stopped to help. Eventually, Horace got Roger his job with the DHARMA Initiative. Horace worked in the Arrow Station and was the man who built Jacob’s Cabin. After dying in the Purge, Horace appeared in one of Locke’s dreams, building the cabin and wiping blood away from his nose.

#15 Olivia Goodspeed

Horace’s wife was also present during Ben’s birth in Portland. She too worked for DHARMA as an elementary school teacher and she taught Ben and Annie.

#14 Jacob

A mysterious, God-like leader of the Others, Jacob gives instructions to Ben and eventually to Locke. Jacob seems to use dead people to communicate for him such as Christian Shephard. Jacob was also the one who told Locke that they had to move the Island.

#13 Richard Alpert

Alpert is a member of the Others who is often regarded as a leader. He never seems to age, from the time he showed up during John Locke’s birth in the 1950s to the present. Alpert also visited a young Locke to offer him a Dalai Lama test. He also left the Island to recruit Juliet and to film Juliet’s sister. On the Island, Alpert was apparently the leader of the Others before Ben came along.

#12 Mr. Friendly

Initially seen wearing a fake beard to disguise his identity, Mr. Friendly (aka Tom) is one of the Others who did what he was told, which included kidnaping Walt. Eventually, it was revealed that Tom was gay and had a relationship with a man named Arturo. Back on the Island, Mr. Friendly was killed when Sawyer ran over him with the DHARMA van.

#11 Bea Klugh

Ms. Klugh was an Other who primarily interacted with Michael to answer questions about what they did with Walt after taking him. She was eventually shot by Mikhail to ensure she didn’t tell the survivors anything about the Others.

#10 Danny Pickett

Danny was an Other who supervised the rock quarry where Sawyer and Kate were forced to work when they were taken. After his wife was murdered by Sun, he took out his rage on Sawyer, nearly killing him until Danny was shot and killed by Juliet.

#9 Colleen Pickett

Danny’s wife, she tried to steal the sailboat used by Sayid, Sun and Jin. She was discovered and, despite being unarmed, she was shot and killed by Sun.

#8 Goodwin Stanhope

Goodwin was an Other who was assigned to infiltrate the Tailies after Oceanic 815 crashed. He was eventually discovered by Ana Lucia and she killed him during their struggle. Goodwin was married, but was having an affair with Juliet, a fact Ben did not approve of, so he may have been sent away to possibly die on purpose.

#7 Harper Stanhope

Goodwin’s wife, Harper was the Others’ resident therapist who became upset after she learned of her husband’s affair with Juliet.

#6 Juliet Burke

Juliet was a respected fertility doctor who was recruited by the Others to help determine why all the pregnant women on the Island were dying. She joined the Others, but never seemed entirely happy with them, eventually siding with the survivors of Oceanic 815 instead.

#5 Rachel Carlson

Juliet’s sister, she became sterile from her chemotherapy treatments for her cancer, but thanks to Juliet’s research, she was able to have a son named Julian. When Juliet was on the Island, Rachel’s cancer returned, and Ben promised that if Juliet stayed, he could save Rachel’s life, which he eventually did.

#4 Ethan Rom

A trained surgeon, Ethan was an Other who Ben sent to infiltrate the group of survivors of Oceanic 815. Before being discovered, he kidnaped Claire to check on her baby. He was later taken by the survivors and killed by Charlie.

#3 Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail was the Other with an eye patch who worked in the Flame and was responsible for communications with the outside world. He was discovered and was infamous for never dying, despite numerous close calls. He finally died after setting off an explosion outside the window of the underwater station that also led to Charlie’s death.

#2 Jacob’s Enemy

A mysterious man dressed in black, he is seen on the Island with Jacob a long time ago, expressing a desire to see Jacob dead. Somehow, he takes the form or body of John Locke when Ajira 316 crashes on the Island and uses his new shape to lead the survivors and Ben to Jacob, where he is able to convince Ben to kill Jacob.

#1 Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve are the names given to the two skeletons found in the caves from the first season. They were discovered by Jack and Kate ands they had two stones in their pockets, one white and one black.

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