America’s Best Dance Crew is back. The season 3 premiere aired last night on MTV at 10pm. This season’s premiere was different from the previous seasons in that they left off the auditions for the top nine spots. Season 3 started off with nine crews hailing from all over North America: four crews representing the state of California, two crews representing the Sunshine State and one each from New York, Alabama and Puerto Rico.

After everything was said and done, the Puerto Rican crew G.O.P. Dance, which stands for Group of Peace, was booted off the show as the first crew to be eliminated while the other bottom two crews (Fly Khicks and Boxcuttuhz) survived for a chance to prove themselves next week.

Here are my rankings after the week 1;

#1 Quest Crew
  – Quest Crew had a great overall performance and they brought a lot of energy
  – Brian’s back flip where he landed on his head was ridiculous

#2 Beat Freaks
 – Got a standing ovation from the crowd and Shane thinks this season’s champions could be a female group

#3 Ringmasters
 – Theatrical and good use of props
 – They brought a new style to the show

#4 Dynamic Edition
 – Very technical and creative performance
 – Needs to incorporate more of the hip hop style in their dance routines

#5 Team Millennia
 – I thought their performance was OK. Would like to see more explosive moves

#6 Boxcuttuhz
 – Great choreography, intricate and tight, like the theatrical bits intertwined in the routine

#7 Strikers All-Stars
 – Good performance, technical and clean, but not explosive
 – Started off great but ended on a so-so note

#8 Fly Khicks
 – I thought their performance was OK but Shane loved them, probably because of how they looked instead of how they danced
 – Need to bring more next week or they will be the next crew to go

-Daniel Ha, BuddyTV Contributing Writer
(Image courtesy of MTV)

Daniel Ha

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV