Some guys might want to take a few personal lessons from Playboy mogul, Hugh Hefner, but all he can offer right now is a glimpse of his life – on the movies.  News has it that there’ve been negotiations about creating a biopic of Hef’s experiences, and that production will start in the next few months.  These days, the 82-year-old has been thinking about what he’s going to leave behind.  What better way to record his life than through film?

“Everything I learned about love, I learned from the movies,” Hefner admitted.  “The reality is because I was not shown affection, I escaped into an alternate universe, and it came right out of the movies.” 

Producing the upcoming biopic is Brian Grazer, while Robert Downey Jr. has expressed interest in taking on the starring role.  Brett Ratner has been slated to direct, but Hefner doesn’t seem too certain on the idea.  Even so, he’s willing to give it a go.

“It’s going to be a very curious change of pace for him, … but I believe in Brian,” said Hefner.  “The one thing I would want the film to be is something other than a light comedy, to have something to say and express something about the change in social sexual values.” 

He continued to say that: “You know, Brian made a comment that I was the only man who had made love to over 1,000 women and they all still liked him.  And I do take some pride, in fact, that I remain friends with the majority of former wives and girlfriends.  I am a romantic.” 

In fact, Hugh Hefner has been keeping up with his ex-girlfriends from The Girls Next Door.  He’s planning on attending Kendra Wilkinson’s wedding ceremony next June, despite staying busy in his infamous mansion with his new ladies. 

There hasn’t been word when the biopic will be released, but for fans, it’s good enough to know that it’s on the way.  It will be co-produced by Playboy‘s Alta Loma Entertainment, which is of course Hef’s production company.  With that much of his involvement on the film, it’s doubtless that avid Hefner-heads will pick up a thing or two once the biopic comes out.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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