Lucy Hale‘s got a secret, and no, she couldn’t keep it. The Pretty Little Liars star recently spoke with the AOL Build Series where she let slip that there are actually two weddings for fans to look forward to in the final episodes. Find out what she had to say, plus what teases Marlene King recently dropped.

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We had already been promised that the final episodes would feature a wedding, but it looks like we’re getting a double dose of that promise:

“This whole season, in general, is just very romantic. You get to see all of the couples together and there’s a wedding … or are there two weddings?” she teased. “Yes, there’s one main wedding … hmmm, I don’t know if I was supposed to say there are two weddings, but whatever, we’ll just let that slide. Pregnancies, kids, yeah. The girls are grown up.”

Which Liars are getting married? The most expected wedding is that of Aria and Ezra, who are the only ones on the show that are engaged. But who else could be planning their nuptials? Hanna and Caleb? Spencer and Toby? Emily and Alison?

But the teases don’t stop there. PLL creator I. Marlene King recently sat down for Variety’s Remote Controlled podcast where she let us in on a few things that we can expect.

“We will find out who killed Charlotte,” Marlene said. “We will find out who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis. We will find out who Uber A is. We will find out who gets married.”

The Mrs. D murder mystery is one fans have been waiting to get an answer to for a very long time, but the other teases Marlene mentioned are somewhat new. Obviously “who is Uber A” is the main mystery we’re waiting to see unravel, so we expect it’ll be the final thing we see. However, Marlene also mentioned exactly when in the show that would be revealed:

“In the finale … it’s not final moments, it’s actually toward the beginning of the finale,” she said. That means that once the question is answered, we have a whole episode left with the Liars to deal with what Uber A’s reveal means to them.

“I probably should be more nervous than I am,” she added. “But I think it’s such a great episode and it’s such a great reveal. Such a surprising twist.”

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Which mystery are you most excited to get answers to in Pretty Little Liars? Let us know in the comments below!

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