'Bones' Quotes: The 43 Sweetest Things Brennan Has Ever Said to Booth

Dr. Temperance Brennan has been called abrasive, arrogant and difficult to warm up to. And though you won’t find her using dreamy hyperbole or waxing sentimental about things ephemeral, her declarations of love and commitment are startling, powerful, and eloquent when aimed at her loved ones, most particularly, her partner and mate, Agent Seeley Booth. We’re about to revisit some of those times. Guileless, feisty, and direct, Brennan saw past Booth’s initial sarcastic facade into his humble servant soul and his tender cowboy heart, and quietly reflected it back to him despite her own difficulties with intimacy. "I love you, Booth. You are my home. There is no place I would rather be. You make my life wonderful …" Declarations such as these have crystallized as facts for Temperance Brennan. To Booth, she is the ultimate, though unconventional, romantic. Her direct nature dazzled him the first time they met and still takes his breath away today.

We've assembled 43 of our favorite sweet Brennan-to-Booth quotes from over the last nine years. For a slideshow of the same from Booth to Brennan, check out Bones Quotes: The 43 Sweetest Things Booth Has Ever Said to Brennan>>>
By Catherine Cabanela on Monday, June 02, 2014
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