'Bones': The 33 Most Important Events in Booth and Brennan's Journey

The chemistry was immediate and undeniable when Special Agent Seeley Booth sought out Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan to help him with a seemingly unsolvable case. He was an alpha-egotistical maverick concerned only with catching the most nefarious criminals. She was a brilliant, arrogant and socially awkward pragmatist; a genius focused on finding facts and following protocol. Though well-suited for each other despite their differences, they allowed their pasts to keep them at a romantic distance bridged only by affectionate glances and tender words of love and support disguised as partnership gestures.

Over the course of 10 years, they saved each other's lives, supported each other through sickness and heath and healed each other's hearts as they found their own way to a bond that nurtured, challenged and delighted each individually as well. Join us as we revisit the inspiring journey of an abiding love born of a respect and admiration that transformed two partners into steadfast friends, ardent lovers and fiercely devoted spouses.
By Catherine Cabanela on Wednesday, December 10, 2014
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