Xtreme Xmas

Season 2, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 12/6/2002
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Lizzie and Gordo are at a Christmans charity drive where the bring presents to an unlikely-looking Santa Claus. Lizzie ferventy hopes to win the grand prize in the Christmas parade with her idea for a ""Rock & Roll Christmas"" float, but she‘ll have competition from Tudgeman, who is building a ""Christmas Deathstar"" float and also Kate and her cousin Amy, who have hired professionals to build theirs. The rest of the McGuire family are there, and they are charmed by an eccentric old man in an elf suit who calls himself Nobby Frostybump and seems to really believe he‘s one of Santa‘s elves! Lizzie is disappointed that her family is going off to dinner with Nobby instead of working on the float, but Gordo stays to help. Hours later, Lizzie comes home and is surprised by Nobby. His senior-citizens home is having plumbing problems and he will stay with the McGuires fro a few days.The next day Lizzie and Gordo are busy working on the float. Nobby gets the bad news that the plumbing in his buil