Lizzie in the Middle

Season 2, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 8/23/2002
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Lizzie is in class reading lines from Romeo and Juliet with Ethan when an old acquaintance of Mr. Dig‘s comes in--it‘s Frankie Muniz, star of Malcolm in the Middle! Frankie is transfixed by Lizzie, and when Miranda comes to lunch, she‘s surprised to find Lizzie and Gordo sitting there eating with Frankie! After some small talk, Frankie asks Lizzie out. Miranda and Gordo are shocked when Lizzie doesn‘t answer. She finally says ""I don‘t know,"" at which point a mob of students descends on Frankie, looking for autographs.At home Lizzie tells Miranda and Gordo she‘s not going out with Frankie because they live in ""different worlds."" Miranda argues that she should get to know him and give him a chance. When Lizzie‘s parents hear about the situation, they‘re split: Dad says no way should she date a movie star, Mom says yes. Matt volunteers to head Lizzie‘s ""entourage"" that she‘ll need as the girlfriend of someone famous. Frankie comes to the door hoping to convince Lizzie to give him another