El Oro de Montezuma (aka El Oro del Diablo)

Season 2, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 2/22/2002
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Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo are vegged out in front of the TV watching a Spanish-language game show, ""El Oro de Montezuma"" (""The Gold of Montezuma""). Miranda‘s cousin Carlos from Mexico City is scheduled to come to town and compete on the show. At school, a new Indonesian student, Li, is introduced to Lizzie‘s class. She tries to talk to him but finds it difficult since his English is limited. Mr. Dig assigns the students a paper to write on a culture other than their own. Lizzie asks her parents about her heritage, but they aren‘t very specific. Miranda introduces Carlos to Lizzie and Gordo. When they find out that his teammates for the game show will be unable to appear, Lizzie suggests that the three of them team up with Carlos and go on the show. Lizzie is not very concerned about learning the language, but would rather practice the games and stunts. Meanwhile, Matt and Lanny are involved in an extreme version of hide-and-seek.The game show begins, and Carlos translates for his team