Wednesday 6th April 2005

Season 2, Episode 27 -  Air Date: 4/6/2005
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The police searched local woodlands for Tom. Mandy, Max and OB helped but had lost hope. Ben fell trying to answer the door. Frankie prepared for her night out. Lisa was worried about Ben, so Ben gave her a key to let herself in too help him. An argument broke because Mandy predicted Tom was dead. WPC Vicky Green‘s false lead didn‘t help matters. Steph was taking Frankie out, Steph was horrified though as Frankie wanted to go to SU Bar. WPC Vicky Green was persistent for Max and Mandy to hold a press conference. The Deans went for a night out, though Craig was worried about Frankie been too exposed. Joe checked Frankie out and flirted with her. Craig was refused admission to the SU Bar. PC Vicky Green prepared for the TV plea but everyone was worried they‘d break down. Lisa had to take Ben to the toilet! Steph was worried that Frankie‘d show her up. Frankie and Joe chatted, flirted and drank together. Joe encouraged her to do karaoke. Frankie showed herself and Steph up with out-of-tun