Wednesday 27th April 2005

Season 2, Episode 42 -  Air Date: 4/27/2005
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Nicole remained optimistic about her parents. Craig went begging for money. Tony was convinced that they was a force in his apartment. He had trouble convincing Mandy they were haunted. Ali still fancied Nicole. Nicole told Ali about her dad. Lee arrived at halls to give the students a makeover. Robert arrived at the Owen flat and referred to Ali as Nicole‘s boyfriend. Max had fun messing about with Tony, who was more frightened than ever. Zara was worried about been too scruffy. Tony thought he was going crazy. Darren convinced Jack to let the Deans‘ stay. Lee tried to charge the students for all the beauty treatments. Max had fun telling Tony he has a ghost. Ali was keen to get close to Nicole. Max continued to playing games with a frightened Tony. The Deans‘ took over the Dog. Carrie was happy to find Robert there when she returned home but he insisted on leaving because of Sam. Craig was happy to find Frankie and Jack singing in front of the Dog together. Nicole was devastated over