Wednesday 20th April 2005

Season 2, Episode 37 -  Air Date: 4/20/2005
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Tom drove Mandy mad. Jake was mad at Frankie for begging money off him. Frankie clashed with Darren in the village. The students wound Zara up about her etiquette. Carrie asked Russ about his birthday but he remained quiet. Mandy and Max still had trouble getting Tom to school. Carrie was mad at Russ after she seen Sam‘s black eye. Nicole asked what happened but both Sam and Russ remained tight-lipped. Frankie and Max bonded over Tom and parenthood. Jeremy tried been nice to everyone but was snubbed. Darren offered to be friends with Jake, but Jake declined. Sam and Russ argued when Sam found out that Russ and Nicole are going swimming with Mr. Owen. Nicole informed Russ about her plan to get Carrie and Mr. Owen back together. Mandy went to see the fire-wreaked house. Jake and Darren worked out together. Russ wasn‘t convinced about Mr. Owen and Mrs. Owen reuniting. Someone was playing tricks on Zara and it was freaking her out. Mandy convinced Max to sell the old house. Zara thought sh