Wednesday 16th March 2005

Season 2, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 3/16/2005
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Lee was busy with St. Patrick‘s Day preparations. Mr. Owen was back in the village. Mandy seen Becca taking tablets and asked her if she had a headache. Becca told Mandy that they tablets for Chlamydia. Russ was shocked when his dad turned up again so soon. Russ warned him he‘d have to leave before Sam returns home from college. Danni was impressed at Lee‘s determination to make St. Patrick‘s day a success. Mandy wound Jake up when he booked a romantic meal at Gnosh. Mr. Owen was glad to see Russ doing so well. He told Russ he wanted his family reunited again. Lee was having trouble after his Kylie impersonator backed out at last minute. Mr. Owen and Russ spent the day reminiscing and looking through photos. Mr. Owen was about to leave when Sam, Nicole and Carrie walked in and confrontation broke out. Jake and Becca‘s date didn‘t go well at first as she refused to go to the dog as she didn‘t want people talking about her. Sam refused to speak to his father. Mr. Owen told Russ he was gl