Tuesday 5th April 2005

Season 2, Episode 26 -  Air Date: 4/5/2005
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Mandy and Max waited anxiously for news on Tom. Ben had trouble coping with his broken leg. Max thought Tom‘s disappearance was punishment, God wanted him to hurt because of all the bad stuff his ever done. Mandy and Max broke down. They jumped hoping it was news, instead a call from a concerned Becca. Lisa went to see Ben and was shocked to find cereal on the floor, She insisted on staying to help. The police called round about Tom. Craig and Steph cooked Frankie breakfast in bed to cheer her up. Max argued with WPC Vicky Green, the officer on Tom‘s case, while searching. Ben wanted to help but couldn‘t. Max trashed Drive‘N‘Buy through frustration. Steph put Frankie‘s favourite song on and went to get her. Craig started dancing stupidly and Frankie walked and laughed! Mandy tried to stay strong but it was hard. The officer mentioned the word ""abduction"" which made Mandy panic in case Tom has been captured by some pedophile. Steph and Craig found out the Frankie‘s former lover is now a