Tuesday 15th March 2005

Season 2, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 3/15/2005
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Becca received an impressive bunch of flowers from Jake. Tony had gone Italian-crazy! Russ was concerned that the cancer was heredity and urged Sam to look for any weird lumps, much to Nicole‘s disgust. OB was impressed by Lee‘s ideas for St. Patrick‘s Day. Russ told Nicole he was worried that they father could also have the cancer. He wanted to contact him but was worried about Sam‘s reaction as Mr. Owen hadn‘t believed Sam‘s innocence. Tony insisted that Mandy only spoke Italian in Gnosh. Lee told Danni that he was going to get a ""Kylie Impersonator"" for St. Patrick‘s Day but Danni wasn‘t impressed. Jake went to see Becca to tell her she probably has Chlamydia but she never gave him chance to speak and after her talk with Bombhead yesterday she told him they have to start again from scratch, like when they first stared dating. Tony was made to look like a fool after he messed up the daily specials. Danni told him he needs to check every spelling and not to be too stereotypical of Ita