Thursday 3rd March 2005

Season 2, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/3/2005
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The student‘s flat was a mess, Danni saw Joe naked. Carrie was grief-stricken; Steph had gone fame-mad over an audition. Richard encouraged Darlene to return to school. Zara was worried about Lisa. Max was on at the student‘s after he found a rat in Drive‘n‘Buy. Steph got lead and bugged a depressed Jake to help her. Jake was a million miles away though thinking about recent events. Jake told Steph he had moved out of Ben‘s as he needed space. Nicole questioned Russ about his cancer, she was in shock though. Darlene seemed side-tracked; she couldn‘t face the village yet. Ali expressed his concern to Richard who told him Darlene‘s fine and to stop worrying. Max had to close the shop to clean and exterminate the rat. He flipped out at Stu saying students are all messy, dirty, tax-robbing parasites. Carrie tried to talk to Russ but he just screamed at her. He told her she‘s a bad mother and that he‘s had the lump for a while. Carrie called him stupid as she broke down releasing Russ might