Thursday 31st March 2005

Season 2, Episode 23 -  Air Date: 3/31/2005
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They was tension in the Hunter Household. Russ was back to normal but Sam still wasn‘t over the dad incident. Liz was wearing her wearing dress, making the twins think shes losing it. Sam refused to speak to Russ. Russ told Sam to stop thinking about himself all the time. The twins were relieved to find Liz was having a clear out as she wanted some new clothes. Liz invited them shopping, they made lame excuses until Liz offered to buy them clothes. Lisa packed up all her stuff from the Hunters. Les and Sally argued as Les was feeling betrayed. Russ had a check-up. Ben was having fun been waited on hand and foot. Russ was given the all-clear. Lee went to the Pit Stop to clear it out for the new business and heard an old voice mail message that had Dan‘s voice. Hearing Dan‘s voice caused Lee to break down. The Burton women had a day out in Chester. Russ went to see Ben. Russ was jealous of all the female attention Ben was getting! Mel and Sophie started talking and Sophie let slip that L