Thursday 28th April 2005

Season 2, Episode 43 -  Air Date: 4/28/2005
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Justin was sick of normality. Mandy was feeling sick. Nicole told Russ the ball is in Sam‘s court now. Joe was fed up with Lee‘s persistence. Cameron received a beauty treatment off Lee he was happy until he was charged £6.Steph warned Frankie about Darren. Ali and Justin tried to buy porn about of D‘n‘B. Lee and Cameron practiced accents to sound posh. Ali and Justin planned a trip to the Dog. Russ caught Carrie and Robert kissing. Frankie told Steph to grow up. Nicole was delighted to find Robert and Carrie been so close. Cameron and Lee pretended to be posh to other students but were laughed at because they knew Lisa. Russ and Nicole cooked a meal for Robert and Carrie. Darren cooked a meal for everyone and Darren and Steph called a truce. Justin was feeling frustrated. Mandy was looked after by Max and OB. Lee wasn‘t happy with his suit. Frankie and Darren had a long talk over a meal. Nicole‘s matchmaking behavior began to get on Russ‘s nerves. Mandy was still poorly. The Owens had