Thursday 24th March 2005

Season 2, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 3/24/2005
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Richard tells Justin and Ali that Darlene has sprained her arm trying to use a bucket. The protest at the Taylor-Burton‘s continued. The plans for the Easter Fair continued. Lee and Lisa spent another night in Lee‘s car. Tony‘s vendetta against student‘s was starting to annoy everyone. The twins hatched a plan to get Ali and Justin out the bathroom, it didn‘t work, however Ali was left with on trousers. Russ tried to assure Ellie that shes welcome in the village. The media were taking pictures of the Easter Fair. Ali lost his strength and wanted to give up, Justin had to convince him not to. Lisa and Lee were having trouble finding Les and Sally. Tony insisted students weren‘t allowed in any publicity photos as they aren‘t ""locals"". The Taylor-Burton‘s were made to find out that Ali and Justin had ordered pizzas and had used rope and pillowcases to receive them. The girls took the pizzas and ate them while the hungry boys looked on. Ellie was happy to find two new friends in Russ and D