Thursday 21st April 2005

Season 2, Episode 38 -  Air Date: 4/21/2005
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Max was still having trouble getting Tom to school. Nicole and Russ tried to avoid Sam. Frankie wasn‘t too keen to work in the Dog. Max didn‘t want to punish Tom. The Owen children argued over Mr. Owen. Joe prepared for the Queen‘s visit, but thought they were been spied. Darren tried to tell Jack that he has employed Frankie but had no luck. OB and Max were concerned about Tom‘s behaviour. Frankie prepared for working in the Dog but felt she was past it. Rob, Nicole and Russ went swimming. Nicole begged Mr. Owen to stay in Chester. Tom locked himself in a cupboard until he got a dog. Sam was feeling frustrated and angry. Zara was still not happy about the supposed visit from HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Darren showed Frankie the ropes. Frankie had a go at Darren. When Darren was showing Frankie how to pull a perfect pint he put his hands round her. Tom came out of the cupboard and whacked OB in the gollies! Darren told Jack about Frankie; Jack started to slag Frankie off, unaware she was b