Thursday 17th March 2005 (St. Patrick's Day special)

Season 2, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 3/17/2005
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Lee put the final decorations up in the SU Bar. Becca received a card and a visit from Jake. He apologized for the disastrous date. Tony was feeling happy as he prepared for the advertisement. Danni begged Joe to help her as she was convinced that the night wouldn‘t go to plan. Steph went to see Becca to offer unwanted support, much to Jake‘s annoyance. Joe and Danni didn‘t know what to say to Russ. Tony prepared the details for his ""short film"" (advertisement), but Max and Mandy were not amused. Lee told OB to work harder to sell more Irish memorabilia. Tony planned to do the advertisement in Italian with English subtitles. Joe visited Russ, who told him that everything was OK and that he forgives him for what he said, he wasn‘t to know. Joe proved to be a good friend and listened to Russ. Tony‘s Over-The-Top planning only annoyed Mandy and Max. Steph overstayed her welcome at Becca‘s and annoyed Becca with her cynical view of men. Mandy tried to warn Tony that the advertisement may n