Friday 25th March 2005

Season 2, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 3/25/2005
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Ali and Justin had no water after Mel and Darlene turned it off. Max and OB were worried when they couldn‘t find the egg. Ali and Justin agreed to let Darlene go to the toilet if she was prepared to discuss terms. She was amused to hear they hadn‘t thought of any! Ali was raring to go and win the Easter Egg Hunt. Max and OB were relieved when Tom announced that he‘d hided the egg, expect he wouldn‘t tell them where! Justin invited Darlene to join them, however Darlene refused to go. When Justin confronted her, he told her people didn‘t look because of her non-existent scar, they looked because she looks good. Darlene, Justin and Ali all ended up going to the Easter Fair together. The Easter Fair Egg Hunt turned into a competition between Students and Locals. Lee and Lisa finally got to Les‘s garage, however Lisa seen him reach for a drink bottle and told Lee they should just go home. Les was glad to see his children and went to hug Lisa, she refused as she thought he‘d been drinking. L