Friday 22nd April 2005

Season 2, Episode 39 -  Air Date: 4/22/2005
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Sam was in a mood, Frankie practiced her barmaid skills, Mandy and Tony moved into they new flat. Tom was missing school. Nicole and Russ decided they wound see Robert whether Sam liked it or not. A man dressed in a black suit went into Jeremy‘s room and stayed there for an hour. Craig and Frankie received a lecture about money off Jake. Lee and Joe snooped around which Jeremy found amusing. The school phoned wondering where Tom was, Max spun a lie saying he was ill when really he was refusing to go. Frankie got an eviction notice off the council. Jake was fuming at Frankie‘s stupidity. Zara still refused to accept that the queen was visiting. Carrie begged Sam to attended the pub lunch, she told him it was his turn to build bridges and forgive. Mandy was worried about Max been to stressed. Max panicked when he couldn‘t find Tom. Nicole was convinced that Carrie was dressed to impress. She also seen Mr. and Mrs. Owen kiss. Tom was found later on. He had found a passage that went from T