Sneaky Santa

Season 12, Episode 249 -  Air Date: 12/8/2006
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Russ was in shock. Max had a smashed window. Ben was in training for the fun-run. OB had a new scam. Mandy and Tony returned. Becca worried she was boring Jake. Mandy suspected Jake of been up to something. Darren wound Ben up. The Owens‘s panicked and fussed over Russ. Jake told Mandy of his marriage plans. OB‘s scam was Comic Relief Inc, a company that raises money for Comic Relief with red nose rip off ""Hollynoses"". Max thought Comic Relief was a scam by the government. Becca panicked that Jake had gone off her. Zara was ridiculed by Jake. Darren annoyed Ben about his recent fallout with Jake. Becca went to see Ben again and told him to make up with Jake especially as he knows the value of a true friend. Zara begged Jake to get tested. Sam visited Russ who wanted to keep the cancer secret. He also panicked about his results. Jake kept telling Zara the he only loved Becca and that Lisa was a big mistake. Russ was wound up by Nicole‘s and Carrie‘s visit as the consultant arrived with