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Season 3, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 9/26/2006
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Dancing With The Stars, Season 3 Episode 5, LIVE MINUTE-BY-MINUTE RECAP - 9/26

So, we tried this with Survivor the other day and now we‘re going to do it with Dancing with the Stars. That‘s right, it‘s a live blog. So, if you‘re watching it live with me (like, right now), keep refreshing the page for life-affirming updates. Me and you, together, can make this think work. Let‘s begin.8:00: And we‘re off. My first impression: the announcer‘s voice is completely ridiculous and I love it.8:01: Oh yeah, I‘ve never watched this show before in my life. So, you know, keep that in mind. I do like most celebrity dancing shows, however.8:03: I‘m rooting for Emmitt Smith tonight. I feel it‘s my duty.8:04: Whoa! I remember when Joey Lawrence was a heartthrob. Now he looks like Howie Mandel‘s little brother.8:05: Tom Bergeron is the Bill Fitch of TV hosting. Always getting gigs, always has an under .500 record.8:06: How about that? My boy Emmitt is up first, doing the tango. He is worried that his excess of travelling will hurt his performance. Believe, Emmitt. BELIEVE!!8:08: So, that tango was okay, I suppose. I‘m used to the young pros on
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