Chuck vs. the Business Trip

Season 5, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 11/18/2011
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With a hit out on Morgan, Chuck and Sarah must smoke out an assassin at a Buy More convention.

‘Chuck‘ Recap: YOUR Top 5 Moments From "Chuck vs. The Business Trip"

If there was one thing I was hoping for in "Chuck vs. The Business Trip" it would be the removal of the intersect from Morgan‘s melting brain. That happened moments into the episode and, for me, the rest was cake. So, how was I going to find moments to top that? I just couldn‘t! So this week I took to the Internet to find out what YOUR 5 fab moments of the episode were. As expected, there were many more than 5 favorite moments, but I was able to narrow it down since most of you seemed to agree. So, here you go, wonderful patrons of the world wide web; YOUR Top 5 moments from "Chuck vs. The Business Trip," as usual, in no particular order.
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