Our eclectic band of time shifting crime fighters are back with a new prisoner to track down and apprehend on Alcatraz. Just as the team settles in after their first few days together, they have to track down a child killer before he kills again.

Unwelcome Visitor

The Alcatraz convict that has come to our time is Kip Nelson. Kip has a hobby, and it includes killing boys that are around 10 years old. This made him unpopular in Alcatraz and he recieved daily beatings from the other inmates while the guards looked on. You know that you are a bad guy when you make other inmates look like the good guys for beating you up.

Doc is busy making a new comic book about his new adventurous life when his police scanner picks up a call about an abducted boy with a chrysanthemum left behind on the bed. Doc immediately recognizes that this is Kip’s work and tells Madsen and Hauser. They visit the mother of Dylan, who was the victim, and find out that she saw Kip at the hardware store where he offered to do work on their house. This sounds a lot like The Green Mile… The team goes to the hardware store and finds out that the real Warren’s uniformw as stolen along with some fishing poles. To the lake they go!

Play Date

While Kit is a creep for kidnapping and killing kids, he at least takes them out for some fun first. He takes Dylan to a local lake to rent a boat and go fishing. When they get out to the middle of the water, Kit makes Dylan get in the water and goes in after him. Kit then plays a game of “You Drown Me and I’ll Drown You” where they take turns holding each other underwater. For some reason, this really creeps me out. Afterwards, Kit takes Dylan to the movies and forces him to eat all of his popcorn.

Doc and Madsen arrive at the lake, but just missed Dylan and Kit. Doc then brings up the fact that Kit took one of his victims in the 1950s to a miniature golf place before he killed him. We also learn that Warden James put Kit into isolation when he was on Alcatraz because of the beatings he was recieving.

Pie Time

Doc and Madsen go back to talk to Dylan’s mom to try and figure out where Kit will take Dylan next. Doc soon figures out that Kit is going to places he likes, and then remembers a prior case that involved cherry pie. Doc goes to investigate and runs into Hauser coming to the house. It turns out that Hauser had to call off the Amber Alert for Dylan because it may lead to the Alcatraz cases. Doc, justifiably, gets pissed and leaves.

Doc starts to visit different diners and asking if anyone has seen Kit. He gets to the last diner on his list and fortuitously, that’s where Kit and Dylan are. Doc calls Madsen and then stalls Kit until she arrives. Kit makes Doc and Madsen handcuff themselves together outside the diner as he escapes with Dylan.

Digging Up the Past

Doc and Madsen go back to Alcatraz to try and figure out more about Kit. Inside of his old box they find a bunch of brand name cigarettes. These kinds of cigarettes would be very expensive to get while inside Alcatraz, so they dig into any checks that he received. They find that Kit worked for a company called C&C Construction, which I believe would later become C&C Music Factory in the early 90s. This company made bomb shelters in the Red Scare 50s. They track down a bomb shelter that Kit used with his victims and head that way.

We also find out that Kit killed his brother who was eleven at the time, and that he is trying to recreate that event. This guy is just all around creepy.

Game Over

While Madsen and Doc head to the bomb shelter, Dylan finds a way to escape. He breaks outside of the shelter and is chased through the woods by Kit just as Doc and Madsen arrive. Kit catches Dylan, but is stopped by Madsen. She pulls her gun, but as Kit says that she won’t shoot he is shot in the head. It wasn’t Madsen that shot him, but Hauser. Hauser, Doc, and Madsen reconvene in their office and Hauser starts to explain arrested development to Doc. No, Fox isn’t trying to hype the show it helped kill, Hauser is talking about something that happened to Doc when he was eleven. Hauser then leaves and takes Kit’s dead body to his new secret jail. I don’t know why, but my guess is that, like Pokemon, you have to catch them all.

Doc then goes to visit Dylan, and tells him that he was kidnapped when he was eleven, and he made it out okay. I’m hoping we learn more about this incident and that it isn’t just a throw away piece of character history.

I can see this show growing old if they continue the same formula over a long time, but I am still enjoying it. Hauser and Warden James are clearly the best characters so far, but I’m hoping that the other characters start to grow and get a chance to shine.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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