Chuck Versus Bo

Season 5, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 1/13/2012
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Bo Derek helps Chuck and Sarah on their last mission.

‘Chuck vs. Bo‘ Recap: Top 5 Unexpected Moments

"Chuck vs. Bo" was so packed it almost felt like two episodes. For Jeff and Lester it likely felt like the same episode over and over. Who doesn‘t love a good Adam Baldwin ad-lib? (Casey‘s "I hate Twitter" line was all his own.)  What about that twist at the end? That was a secret I knew about but had to hold onto for quite some time. Now I get to freak out with the rest of you. Despite knowing what the big secret was, I didn‘t know how it would play out. There were quite a few unexpected delights throughout the whole episode, so tonight I will give you my Top 5 Unexpected Moments from "Chuck vs. Bo":
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