'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Origin of the Original Vampires
'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Origin of the Original Vampires
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Did you ever wonder where vampires come from? Wonder no more, because this week The Vampire Diaries gives us the origin story of the Originals and it's full of some pretty big secrets. There are secrets we already kind of knew (Mikael is Papa Original) secrets that are truly shocking (Mikael's wife Esther is the Original Witch) and secrets that will melt your heart (Stefan and Damon love each other).

It all begins with the paintings in the Lockwood cave which tell the story of the Originals. Alaric spends the entire episode deciphering them, but Elena takes a short cut by going straight to the source and asking Rebekah.

Cue a flashback to a long, long time ago when Mikael and his family discovered America long before Columbus with the help of their witch, Ayana. They lived in Mystic Falls with the werewolves (where werewolves come from is a story for another episode, I guess). Klaus took his younger brother Henrik to see the transformation and Henrik was killed, so Mikael demanded some sort of protection from their witch.

But Ayana refused, and in an awesome twist, it turns out not all witches are black because Mama Original Esther was a witch and she's the one who created the vampires. So that means she's also the one on the Other Side who was working with Vicki.

We learn all about the origins of specific vampire lore, like the fact that vervain is actually the flower of the white ash tree. Mikael is a big, scary father figure who presumably kills Esther over the fact that she had an affair and Klaus is a hybrid. While burying her, Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah (who looks incredibly hot with long, Viking hair) make a pact to stick together "always and forever."

The family loyalty is sweet, but when Elena sees the caves again, she learns that the story is wrong. It was actually Klaus who killed his own mother because she cursed him and resented him for being a bastard. That's just enough to send Rebekah over the edge and possibly turn against her brother after one thousand years of devotion.

Brotherly Love

Meanwhile, Damon breaks Stefan out of his jail and the two go out for alcohol and the blood of hot waitresses while they talk about their feelings. Mikael shows up for information on Klaus' whereabouts, and he sticks his hand in Damon and threatens to kill him unless Stefan helps. As proof that Stefan really does love his brother, he agrees to help lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls.

Aww, Stefan loves Damon! And Damon loves Stefan, because he still thinks he can get better. Before the emotions become too much, the brothers do fight in the street to prove they're not the softies they really are, and in a sweet final scene, Elena and Damon lie in bed together as she reveals that Damon will be the reason Stefan gets better because Stefan actually loves his brother more than anyone. See, I told you it would melt your heart.

Next week: It's Homecoming, in more ways than one since Klaus is back and so is his not-so-happy dad, Mikael. It should be fun, but I'm really just hoping for an update on Katherine's condition, because there's no way that girl is dead.

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