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Because two hours isn't possibly enough time to show all the complicated relationships that arise from The Bachelor, there is an extra special "After the Final Rose" special that we have the pleasure of watching.

It has been six weeks since the taping of the Final Rose Ceremony.  As we all know by now, there is no studio audience because there are some really big things that are going to go down.

Keep me company with your thoughts throughout the hour!

Chris Harrison meets Jason Mesnick out on stage and asks him how he's doing.  Jason starts crying, saying that he has been waiting a long time to meet someone like Melissa Rycroft, but since the show ended, it has been different.  He realizes that they are not right for each other.  They've spent a lot of time together since the show, the chemistry between them has become different.  He says that she knows that things are different between them.  Then, he goes on to say that for the last few weeks, he hasn't been able to stop thinking about Molly Malaney.  He has been trying not think about Molly, for Melissa's sake, but he realizes that when he said good-bye to Molly, a huge piece of him was gone, and that he is still in love with Molly.

Chris asks Jason if he has talked to Molly since that fateful day at the Rose Ceremony, and Jason says no.  (This is not what the bloggers are saying, though.)  Tonight, Jason says that he needs to talk to Melissa first and break up with her.  He is going to let her be angry at him and go through all those emotions because he deserves all of this.  Um, right, but does she deserve to be broken up with on national television?  I think the answer to that is an emphatic no.  I can't believe this guy is doing this so publicly.  Give me a f--king break, man!

Melissa has been backstage this whole time but has not heard anything that Jason has said so far.  Jason begins his public breakup, first reminding her that he genuinely felt that he wanted to spend his life with when he proposed, but in just a few short weeks, he has realized that they are not right for each other.  She rightfully gets angry.  She says that he is being stupid because the second he is having doubts, he pulls back instead of having the decency of telling her about his doubts.  She wants to know what she did to make him change his mind.  Then he drops the bomb.  He says that he still has feelings for Molly, but assures her that he hasn't been talking to her at all.  (A bald-face lie, if I ever heard one.)  Melissa starts talking about herself in the third person, which I guess shows that she is furious with him.  Good for her, though, that she isn't crying.  She says under her breath, "You're such a bastard."  Wow, he totally is.  You know, I have not been a huge Melissa fan this season, but I am all like "Solidarity, sister."

He says that he has not regretted anything this season, but she does.  She demands to know why he proposed to her.  Getting engaged for her is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and he took that away from her.  Now, she starts crying, and says that she's so mad at him.  She returns the ring, and Chris Harrison steps in to take us to commercials.

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