Quest Crew killed it last night on America’s Best Dance Crew. I think last night was the toughest challenge by far for the crews. The objective for the first part of the challenge was that the crews must incorporate some of hip-hop’s most difficult styles in the Hip-Hop Decathlon Challenge which included, threading, housing, cutting, krumping and waving. Also, the challenge was longer than usual.

After last weeks challenge Beat Freaks received the most votes and were safe from elimination which meant they were first to perform. After watching the episode a couple times I felt like they kind of played it safe and Lil Mama even said that this wasn’t their best performance. I guess that didn’t matter since they already made it to the finale. I thought their routine was tight and clean but nothing that would knock your socks off. I would give them a B-.

Next up to perform was Quest Crew and they brought the house down. I would have to say that after watching it the first time I was speechless. Their first performance was flawless from beginning to the end and JC felt the same way. Hok’s cutting part was amazing along with Steve’s Indian flip with no hands. D-Trix’s elbow flares were probably the hardest move and he also kicked it. I think before this week’s performance Beat Freaks were the frontrunners to win America’s Best Dance Crew season 3, but after what Quest Crew did last night it’s a whole new ball game.

Having to follow up what Quest Crew did was a hard task but I think Fly Khicks did their best. After watching the show several times I feel like Fly Khicks got kind of tired and that their moves weren’t that explosive. It didn’t matter because everybody knew who was going to get sent home after the elimination performances. When everything was said and done the judges sent Fly Khicks home and kept Quest Crew to face Beat Freaks in the season finale.

During the second half of the show, Quest Crew and Beat Freaks had to come up with their own performance choosing their wardrobe, music and moves. Beat Freaks were first to go and I thought they were creative by dressing the set with a giant boom box. Their performance was OK. Maybe I’m just saying that because I was still reeling from Quest’s first performance.

The final performance of the night came from Quest Crew and they decided to use a piano as a prop and once again I thought they whipped it. The head spin on the piano was cool but the move that knocked me off my feet was when Steve flipped over two of his crew members to end the show. I can’t wait until next week for the season finale.

Make sure you vote for the crew who you think should be the champion and don’t assume that they will get enough votes to win.

Here are my top 5 routines of the night.

1) Quest Crew’s second performance
2) Quest Crew’s first performance
3) Beat Freaks’ first performance
4) Beat Freaks’ second performance
5) Fly Khicks’ performance 

-Daniel Ha, BuddyTV Contributing Writer
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Daniel Ha

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