The Bachelor 13: After the Final Rose, Part 1, Live Thoughts (Page 2/3)
The Bachelor 13: After the Final Rose, Part 1, Live Thoughts (Page 2/3)
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Chris excuses himself to allow Melissa and Jason to say good-bye.  Jason tries to apologize, but Melissa tells him never to call her or to text her again and to leave her alone.  She sardonically wishes him luck with Molly, then she stalks off stage and down the hallway and out of his life.  Wow, he is a piece of work.  Just like I was happy that Jillian Harris wasn't picked since it would ultimately be better off for her, I really do think that Melissa has dodged a bullet here.  It hurts right now, I'm sure, but imagine what it would be like to actually have to spend the rest of her life with this douchebag?  In the limo, she unleashes the fury of her emotion that she had been holding in while on stage.  She cries piteously, "I always thought I would make a really good wife."  She laments that she has always been the dumpee in all of her relationships, and she can't figure out why.  She says that she can't be mad at Jason for not being in love with her.  While I agree that that's a fair statement, I do believe that she has every right, and then some, to be mad at her for breaking up with her on camera like this.  I can't say this enough: what a frakking BASTARD!

After the break, Chris welcomes Molly back to the stage.  He makes her sit through a viewing of her elimination, which she admits is very difficult to watch.  She says that the week after the elimination was the worst of her life, but she still has feelings for him and still loves him.  Chris asks her what the one thing she wants to ask Jason, and she has a whole bunch of things to ask.  Jason joins her on stage, and she asks him if he's nervous.  She asks him when he knew that he didn't want to be with her.  He doesn't really answer her, though.  She's not all that confrontational, as if maybe she knew what was going to happen all along.  Jason tells her that he just broke up with Melissa, just moments before, and it's because he couldn't stop thinking about Molly.  Molly's face registers no shock at all.  But then she kind of scoffs when Jason asks for another shot, maybe coffee or a drink.  That's rich, Jason!  She asks him, "What about Melissa?"  But naturally, Jason being the biggest douchebag in the world, he brushes Melissa aside and says that he wants to be with Molly.

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