The Amazing Race 14: Episode 11 "He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper" Recap (Page 2/2)
Road Block - Eat Street Food

One team member has to eat a plate of grasshoppers, larva, scorpions and starfish.  Typical Chinese street food.  None of the stuff looks all that bad.  The larva is probably the worst.  

Margie, Luke, Jen and Kisha all struggle mightily to find the U-Turn.  Jaime and Cara walk down a busy street, unable to find a taxi.  They finally find one, but they are starting to despise the people of China.  They finally find their way to the opera, and do each other's make-up. 

Victor finishes eating, and head to the next pit stop - The Bird's Nest.  It was the main stadium for the Beijing Olympics.  Jaime and Cara race in their silly costumes to the U-Turn.  Kisha and Jen, meanwhile, still have not found the U-Turn.  Neither have Margie and Luke.  It can't be that complicated.  All three teams are looking together now.

Margie and Luke find it finally, get their clue, and are ecstatic to see the U-Turn used on their Arch-Enemies.  

Tammy and Victor are team number one.  They win a trip for two to the Galapagos Islands.  

Jaime and Cara still haven't found the U-Turn.  Margie and Luke start on their Street Food, Margie taking the stomach bullets for the team.  Kisha and Jen find the U-Turn and disappointment washes over them.  Kisha and Jen, predictably, struggle mightily with taking the orders.  However, Jaime and Cara still can't find the U-Turn.  They hate, hate hate Chinese people and their stupid language.  

Kisha and Jen finally get the orders correct, and then serve the meals.  Jaime and Cara decide to head back to the opera and retrace their steps.  Kisha and Jen get their street food on.   Jaime and Cara get all chippy with each other, after they finally find the U-Turn and head to the street food.

Margie and Luke are team number two.  They celebrate wildly.  

Jen is taking her sweet time with the gross food.  Cara and Jaime show up as Jen is still working on her Starfish.  Cara takes the food on for Team Cheerleader.  She dominates her food, and Jen vomits a little bit.  Jen is eating one tiny piece at a time, then downing a bunch of water.  JUST EAT IT!  Still, Jen finishes before Cara does. Jaime is loving watching her friend destroy that awful food.  

Cara finishes, and do their darnedest to get a taxi.  They actually find one quickly, for the first time.  Jen has to pee really bad, because she downed about four bottles of water during the street food challenge.  Jen actually uses a porto-potty before checking in.  Risky, risky move.  The cheerleaders arrive at the Bird's Nest.  It's a foot-race now.  

WOW.  Jaime and Cara are team number three.  

And Jen and Kisha have been eliminated.  They are the first team to get eliminated because of a pee break.  Jen cries to Phil because she lost it for their team.  I'm amazed she couldn't suck it up for five minutes.  Hell - you're playing for a million bucks.  Just piss your pants.  

Stay tuned for our interview with Jen and Kisha tomorrow.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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