'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Finale Recap: Let Me Tell You About Hard Work
'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Finale Recap: Let Me Tell You About Hard Work
Ten years and twenty seasons later, it felt like Survivor: Heroes vs Villains was the ultimate season ever. And in many respects, it was. Ten players known for their integrity, and ten players known for the devious moves. Put them all together, and we got a pretty wild ride, from rivalries and alliances, to dumb moves and disappointments, and eventually, to tonight, to the end, with one of them goes home with a million dollars.

Last Thursday, we met our final five. There's Colby, who's a formidable player in Australia but struggled with this season. There's Jerri, the original Black Widow, who somehow managed to hang on. There's Parvati, that flirty manipulator who's out to win a second time. There's Russell, the person we once called "evil incarnate" in Samoa, out to prove that he is the best again. And then there's Sandra, the sneaky one with a heart of gold... one that you probably didn't notice.

That should set up my recap for this Survivor season's finale quite nicely.

Part One: The Heroes Are Vanquished

We ended Thursday night with Rupert finally getting eliminated, leaving Colby as the last member of the Heroes tribe standing. Judging from what happened over the past few weeks, he should be the next to go, right?

That wasn't Russell's immediate concern. Sandra, after all, played her hidden immunity idol that night. He's blaming Parvati for things, going against her for thinking what Sandra did was a good move, as opposed to him playing his own immunity idol a few weeks back. And he's also accusing her of knowing about Sandra's idol. "I don't like being accused of being a liar when I'm clearly not," she said.

Of course, he went to Sandra, too. Why didn't Sandra tell him about the idol? Didn't he get a clue when she brazenly said, last week, that she's against him? Delusional, yes. "He wants to micromanage the whole tribe and I'm not the type of person you micromanage," she said.

Wobbly chances: Colby didn't seem that happy when the first of two immunity challenges came on. It's the one where you balance a higher stack of dishes and bowls, with immunity going to the last one standing. But he knew what was at stake. If he doesn't win immunity, he's certainly going home. Russell's plan is way bigger: bring Sandra and Jerri to the final three with him. "The jury doesn't even have a decision," he said. "if Colby wins, the best thing to do is get rid of Parvati."

Colby lost the challenge, but to his credit he was the last person to see his dishes drop. It went to the 17th plate when his stack just wobbled and fell. Parvati won her second immunity challenge in a row.

So yes, that should make Colby's departure more than certain, right? I mean, even Jerri was thinking of sending him home, possibly presuming that he has a big chance of winning the jury over. That, or she's bent on following Russell around again. In fact, Colby pretty much gave his "surrender speech" all over again.

One last move: "I almost convinced myself I'm giving up!" Colby said to the camera, explaining his vow not to scramble. And then a reeeally long pause. "So when the time was right," he continued, "I made one more attempt." Finally, he's working his ass off.

He went to Russell, arguing his case. He proposes that they get rid of Sandra first, so they can kick Parvati out along with Jerri later. It's a pretty sensible move, but Russell wasn't so convinced, afraid that Colby would make it to the final three. But a part of me thinks that last-ditch move was a half-hearted one for the cowboy. At tribal council, he reveals his last move, and pretty much hinted that he's ready to go. The Villains pushed through with their original plan, and gave Colby his walking papers.

"I'm just not destined to win this game," he said. Wasn't that the same line Russell had last week?

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