'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Finale Recap: Let Me Tell You About Hard Work
Part Two: All Banged Up

It's funny that Parvati hasn't really realized that she's perceived as a threat by everybody in the competition this season. He thought Colby's statement during Tribal Council--that she'd be going home if Colby won immunity--was en "eye-opener". Like she didn't have that same thought after JT's letter, or before she pulled out her two immunity idols after the merge.

But she is a threat. "If we don't win, she's winning," Russell told Jerri the morning after. "They all think she's some big strategic player when she's not." Oh, Russell, go on with your delusions.

Blindfolded and falling down: After the usual tribute to the rest of the eliminated castaways--I like those segments, but do they all have to act like 16 people died in 39 days?--it's on to the final immunity challenge of the season, which is an actual struggle. All four teams have to go through a maze, snag four necklaces along the way, and leave to grab the immunity necklace by themselves. And they have to do all of that blindfolded.

That results in perhaps one of the closest endings to a challenge ever. Even Jeff said that. It was a three-way fight: Russell, Jerri and Parvati inched their way across the maze, with Sandra falling out of contention after going around in circles. (She decided to not use the guide markers, but instead follow Parvati's voice. She's so banged up after hitting a wall. No, I won't make the joke.) In the end, the three frontrunners were inches away from the necklace... and Russell grabbed it first.

Scary possibilities: With Russell winning immunity, Parvati seriously feels in danger. "That scares me," she said. Sandra still thinks she's in trouble, though, so she pretty much strikes a deal with Russell to bring her to the final three. "I'll take the $100,000," she said, assuring him that she won't get a jury vote.

But Russell's thinking ahead again. Now he's thinking of jury votes, and he's having second thoughts with his plan to toss Parvati. At least, he figured, if he sends Jerri home he can be guaranteed of one vote from the jury. He's not so sure Parvati will vote for him in the final Tribal Council.

The pre-vote chat featured this little tussle between Russell and Parvati. Or was it flirtatious angling? She thinks he'll still watch out for her in the end, like they watched out for each other in the past month or so. Russell thinks he's doing all the watching. Still, sir, go on with your delusions.

In the end, Jerri was unanimously voted out. "Crap!" she only answered. "I thought I had this in the bag!"

Up next: Finally, quality face time with the jury.