'Supernatural' Recap: The Anti-Christ Isn't So Bad
'Supernatural' Recap: The Anti-Christ Isn't So Bad
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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THEN: Sam and Dean got back into the swing of things by ganking Paris Hilton while Castiel was off searching for God.

NOW: Supernatural and little kids go together like peanut butter and jelly.  It doesn't matter  if they're adorable kids growing up without a dad who Dean bonds with in season 1, scary little girls with an evil imaginary friend in season 2, Lilith in season 3, or a little girl who accidentally brought a suicidal teddy bear into the world in season 4.  Now Supernatural continues its time-honored trend of creepy little kids with the most adorable little Anti-Christ you've ever seen.

A babysitter has to put up with some bratty little kid, but the joke's on her because the next morning, she's dead.  It turns out she scratched her own brains out because the little boy she was watching put itching powder on her hair brush.  See, she should've let him touch her boob like he wanted.

The second suspicious death in this small Nebraska town is the victim of a joy buzzer that electrocuted him.  It's at this point I start to think I might see someone get a pie in the face in this episode of Supernatural, and that makes me happy, even if it never actually happens.

Dean confiscates the powerful murdering joy buzzer and decides to run a test on a raw ham.  He covers up then touches the pig, which is well done and crispy in 10 seconds flat.  I smell a new infomercial sensation, but all Dean smells is delicious dinner, so he pigs out on the pork.

Putting together the itching powder and joy buzzer, Sam and Dean head straight for the local joke shop.  It's run by a surly old man who hates all those stupid little kids who only care about their iPhones and stupid "kissing vampire movies."  Wow, that's the second anti-vampire reference this season.  I'm fine if it's against Twilight, but I'm actually loving The Vampire Diaries, so lay off it, Supernatural writers.

At the joke shop, Dean decides to buy a whoopee cushion before trying to get the owner to admit he's behind this demonic objects.  The sight of a rubber chicken roasted with the joy buzzer scares the bejesus out of the owner, which is a good sign that he's not behind it.

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