Betty (America Ferrera) has always charmed us all with her insight, which only makes it right that Ugly Betty‘s fourth season is going to be full of that good deed good feeling.  According to TV Guide, the upcoming premiere of the show has already led its stars to do some altruistic work, as they all turned up at the United Nations recently to promote the fight against malaria.

Ugly Betty teamed up with the UN Foundation’s Nothing But Nets program, which encourages everyone to use bed nets to keep mosquitoes away.  But it certainly won’t keep fans of the show away since the campaign is necessary to support the show as well.

“It’s really a perfect marriage,” actress Judith Light exclaimed.  “Betty Suarez is a person who has a great heart and a great soul.  So in this story, it’s not a stretch at all that she comes from a place that wants to help other people.  She’s trying to change hearts and minds about the way we all relate to each other.”

If you’d like to see Betty try to pitch her anti-malaria idea to the magazine, check out the clip here.  But since her ex-boyfriend now-boss Matt wasn’t too interested in her thoughts, she decides to come up with another one.

Betty suggests using the bed nets and turning them into a new fashion statement.  Later, she organizes a photo shoot at the UN itself, spreading the word about the Nothing But Nets crusade even further.

Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta was very adamant in working with the UN for the show.  Director and executive producer Richard Heus said of the collaborative project, “We took that back to the writers, and they said, ‘Mosquito netting [and] fashion — that’s very logical.  But we put that together and it worked.  The storyline resonated with pretty much every member of the cast and crew.  It was something we all could easily support and feel is very important.  We’re very grateful.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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