'Supernatural' Recap: Dean and the Porn Star
'Supernatural' Recap: Dean and the Porn Star
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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For the second week in a row, Supernatural seems to be channeling its old style. This episode is a simple case of the week, one of the boys gets kidnapped, research reveals the identity of the monster they're after and how to kill it, and it all works as a metaphor for what Sam is going through. Oh, and Dean has sex with a porn star.

The Return of Sheriff Mills

Sheriff Jody Mills calls up the boys for some missing people in her new town. It involves super strength, a blue fire and virgins, but it's not dragons. The boys show up and it's nice to see Jody, who's happy to see them and a bit surprised to learn that angels, dragons and all sorts of other stuff is real. And I may be out of line here, but I was kind of picking up some chemistry between Sheriff Mills and Sam. I know it won't go anywhere, but I could totally imagine a Mrs. Robinson-type situation.

The Virgin Club

All of the missing people belonged to a purity club, so Sam and Dean join as well. It gives the show a nice excuse to walk down memory lane, especially when it comes to Sam's sexual partners winding up dead. He definitely has a bad track record. The group is led by a girl named Bonnie, and Suzy is the sexy chastity counselor who catches Dean's eye.

He walks her home and quickly discovers her secret: She's a porn star from Casa Erotica, Dean's favorite porno series. Never one to pass up a golden opportunity, Dean bats his eyes and, before long, he can cross "Sleep with a porn star" off his bucket list.

I blame the allure of the porn star, because Dean should know better. In horror movies, which are basically morality plays, the characters who have sex always die, and right after their encounter, Dean and Susie are kidnapped by the blue fire.

The Roman Goddess

Sam and Sheriff Mills do research and figure out that they're dealing with Vesta, a Roman goddess who requires virgins to tend to her. Vesta (who is actually the purity club founder Bonnie) ritually sacrifices those who don't obey their purity pledges and eats their livers.

They find the underground bunker where Vesta is keeping her prey. Sheriff Mills gets caught and stabbed in the shoulder, but while Vesta is busy telling Sam that he's rotten on the inside, Sheriff Mills stabs and kills her. Yes, the guest star got the kill and Dean was stuck in a bunker the whole time, frantically using a pair of scissors to unscrew the door. I like that Supernatural doesn't always feel the need to make the show's heroes the actual heroes of the story.

Something's Wrong with Sam

After their encounter, Sam is finally starting to think there's something wrong with him. Dean can't stand letting his brother feel bad, so he's about to tell him all about Ezekiel. Just then, Samzekiel shows up and warns Dean against telling Sam anything. He promises that it will all be over shortly. Zeke is DEFINITELY up to something bad.

Next week: It's the Supernatural fall finale, but don't worry, it'll be back in January.

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