'Supernatural' Recap: Let the Armageddon Begin (Page 1/5)
'Supernatural' Recap: Let the Armageddon Begin (Page 1/5)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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THEN: Supernatural reached new heights of awesomeness with angels, Azazel's master plan to bring Lucifer to Earth, Sam drinking demon blood, suicidal teddy bears, an epic Winchester fight, Chuck the Prophet, betrayal by the angels and, in the end, Lilith and Ruby got real dead, which wasn't so good since it led to Lucifer rising.

NOW: After another amazing montage of what happened last season (Supernatural, hands down, has the best season opening montages ever), we pick up right where we left off, with Sam and Dean in a church as Lucifer rises.  They try to escape, but the doors lock them inside with the light.

Lucifer is coming like Old Faithful, if the geyser were made of white light and a piercing siren noise.  It gets louder and louder until the screen goes to white and then black and then...

We see the Devil talking to Sam.  Ok, not really, it's just a cartoon devil talking to Yosemite Sam.  Apparently Warner Brothers cartoons are the in-flight entertainment, because we're on a plane, and so are Sam and Dean.  Hold on, a bright light, then two people are magically transported onto a plane?  When did Supernatural become Lost?

The Winchesters have no idea what the frak is happening, but they do notice that they're flying over the giant pillar of light that is Lucifer.  Once the plane lands, the Winchesters are desperate to put all the pieces together (foreshadowing pun intended), so they visit the friendly prophet Chuck.

Chuck's house is a war zone because the archangels came and smote the crap out of Castiel.  Not only is our favorite holy tax accountant dead, but little bits of his blown up corpse are all over the house.  Chuck has no answers, but someone does, and his name is Zachariah.

That's right, the world's douchiest angel is there to try and recruit Dean back to the team.  Yes, he may have let the apocalypse come, but now that it's here, he wants to let bygones be bygones and get back to the mission of Dean killing Lucifer.  Dean ain't having none of that, so he uses Cas' magic symbol to make the angels leave. 

This has been a hard day.  Lucifer is risen, Cas is dead, and Sam and Dean are tired, so they get a motel room and Sam tries to apologize for being such an idiot last season.  Dean was never one for words, so he would prefer if Sam would just shut his cakehole.

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