'Supernatural' Recap: 100th Episode Changes the Game (Page 1/4)
'Supernatural' Recap: 100th Episode Changes the Game (Page 1/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's the big 100th episode of Supernatural, so buckle up, because it's a ride that features shocking returns, decisions, betrayals, sacrifices and a major death.  Or have fans have come to expect, just another episode of Supernatural.

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We start in a bar where a recently out-of-work man plays Patsy Cline's "The Man Upstairs" on the jukebox.  He chats with Zachariah, who's drowning his sorrows over how angry he is at the Winchesters, complaining about all the "pig-filthy humans."  Zachariah's boss, Michael, shows up in the form of the piercing angel noise and blinding light that breaks bottles and kills the other patrons.  He's ready to die, but Michael has other plans and just like that, Zach is back in business.  Kurt Fuller could not possibly be any better at balancing that fine line between comedy and evil.

At Mike's Travel Inn (a clever inside joke referring to Michael) Dean packs up his Earthly possessions, writes his Will and prepares to say "Yes" to Michael.  Sam shows up to Room #100 to stop him.  Sam tries to talk Dean into not walking away, and he even apologizes, saying that he was wrong every time he left his family.  It doesn't work, so Sam resorts to Plan B, calling in Castiel to zap Dean to Bobby's house.

Dean still doesn't see any other option, so Bobby pulls out the big gun, literally.  He whips out a gun and bullet and says that he plans to kill himself with that bullet every day, but he doesn't because he promised Dean he would never give up.

Right then Cas gets an angel migraine because "Something's happening."  He transports himself to the middle of a forest where he finds something moving under the ground.  He's attacked by two angels but during the fight he takes their angel-killing daggers and uses them to murder the bad angels.  He goes back to the dirt and discovers someone is trying to crawl out of their own grave.

Is this another zombie?  No, it's Sam and Dean's half-brother Adam from last season's "Jump the Shark."  I guess coming back from the dead and crawling out of your own grave runs in the family.  Cas brings him back to Bobby's place and since they know the angels want Adam for something, Cas instantly imprints the Enochian hiding symbol on Adam's ribs (I'll leave the Biblical implications of that action to more scholarly fans).

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